What Really Caused The People’s Revolt In Ireland?


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  • Washington is reportedly ready to pressure Ukrainian President Zelensky to sit down at the negotiating table with Vladimir Putin.
  • An oil refinery in Michigan explodes, and it’s all captured on video.
  • A power grid operator warns that the planned shutdown of a coal-fired power plant could affect the electrical supply to millions of Americans, leading to blackouts.
  • The Canadian government has been pumping millions of dollars in taxpayer money into plans to eliminate traditional meat for public consumption and replace it with insect-based foods.
  • And who was healthier during the pandemic, mask-wearers or non-mask wearers? A new study has some answers.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

We start off tonight with the war in Ukraine. You don’t hear much about it anymore.

That’s probably because the war isn’t going Ukraine’s way. And since the U.S. government invested so much in this war, throwing more than $100 billion at Ukraine’s military, hoping it could win its border-dispute with Russia, the U.S. media has stopped reporting on the war.

So rack up another loss for the war hawks in Washington. It’s just the latest in a long-running record of failed wars starting with Vietnam and running through Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Syria, and now Russia. If we really want to nail it down, this latest debacle was a failed attempt by the neocons to dethrone Vladimir Putin. They openly stated that was their goal, and they will surely keep trying to accomplish that even if Ukraine proves to be the wrong proxy, incapable, try as it did, for the task.

Ukraine’s counter-offensive is now over and it was a dismal failure. A colossal waste of taxpayers’ money and, more importantly, a waste of Ukrainian and Russia lives.

So now what? What’s the next chapter in this bloody conflict.

There’s a report out from the Telegraph, citing German media, that the governments of Germany and the United States will put pressure on Ukraine to negotiate with Russia by scaling back weapons deliveries in what would be a major blow to Kiev’s hopes for victory.

The German tabloid Bild reported what it described as a secret German-American plan to force Ukraine’s hand on opening peace talks, citing sources in the German government.

Under the plan, Washington and Berlin would supply Ukraine with sufficient weapons and armor to hold the current front line, but not enough to retake occupied territory.

They hope to push Ukrainian President Zelensky toward the negotiating table with Putin, which was what should have been done from the start, back in February 2022.

A German government source told Bild, referring to Ukraine’s stalled counter-offensive:

“Zelensky should realize that it can’t go on like this. He needs to, of his own free will, turn to face his nation and explain that there is a need to negotiate.”

German government sources also told Bild that the White House shared Germany’s view on the need to shift the focus from weapons deliveries to negotiations.

This should be a stain on the record not only of Zelensky, but every American politician who pushed and encouraged Zelensky to engage the Russians in a border war they knew he couldn’t win and would result in the horrendous loss of Ukrainian lives. Every Washington politician who voted for these endless weapons transfers to Ukraine, they will never admit it, but they all have Ukrainian blood on their hands.

The only question now is, will Putin even agree to peace talks? He’s been bloodied and threatened with Ukraine joining NATO as soon as the war ends. He might push forward with the war and further weaken NATO’s stockpiles of ammunition and weapons. It will be interesting to watch.


An explosion late Friday at a petroleum refinery in White Lake Township, Michigan, caused a large fire that forced the closure of roads and evacuation of nearby residents.

The refinery explosion occurred just before 10:30 p.m. People flocked to social media asking about the loud noise, and many from miles away reported feeling their houses being rattled.

A second explosion was heard several minutes later, and flames rose high into the sky, well above the tree line, with a large plume of billowing black smoke that could be seen for miles.

WATCH VIDEO (great 40-second video of the explosion but you’ll have to edit out the language)


More gray terror? We may never know the actual cause of that explosion but there have been several refinery fires and explosions in recent months across America.


Multiple news outlets reported over the weekend that Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer convicted of George Floyd’s murder, is expected to survive after he was stabbed in a federal prison, apparently by another inmate, the Minnesota Attorney General's Office confirmed on Saturday.

Chauvin was hospitalized Friday following an assault at the medium-security Federal Correctional Institution at Tucson. A law enforcement source with knowledge of the incident said Chauvin was seriously injured in the assault.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons said the incident took place at about 12:30 p.m. and “responding employees initiated life-saving measures for one incarcerated individual.”

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said he was “saddened” by the incident.

The Bureau of Prisons had said it notified the FBI of the assault on Chauvin. An FBI spokesperson based in Phoenix said Friday night that the agency was aware of what happened.


The power grid operator in the mid-Atlantic has warned that the planned shutdown of a coal-fired power plant could affect the electrical supply to millions of Americans in the greater Baltimore area, leading to periodic total blackouts.

PJM Interconnection, the company that manages wholesale electricity for 65 million Americans in 13 states, said they expect the shutdown of the Brandon Shores coal power plant to disrupt the power.

The plant’s owner, Talen Energy, recently struck a deal with the environmentalist group Sierra Club to deactivate it by 2025 to reduce carbon dioxide outputs and help fight climate change.

However, that deal could be better for residents.

Jeff Shields, a spokesperson for PJM Interconnection, told Fox News:

“The PJM region and the state of Maryland are facing future reliability challenges as a result of the announced retirement of the Brandon Shores units. Specifically, PJM analyses showed that the deactivation of the Brandon Shores units would cause severe voltage drop and thermal violations across seven PJM zones, which could lead to a widespread reliability risk in Baltimore and the immediate surrounding areas.”

The Washington Examiner reported:

PJM predicts prematurely shutting down the facility could create an imbalance in the local power grid and cause a blackout for millions.

The plant generates about 1,295 megawatts, which is enough to power more than a million homes.

Grids can sometimes transfer power from other areas, but the upgrades required to do so will not be finished until 2028 — three years after Brandon Shores is scheduled to shut down.

The company has demanded that Brandon Shores remain in operation until those upgrades are finished but notes that the Talen agreement with Sierra Club bars this from being the case.

Local regulators have been left scrambling to try to account for the gaps in electricity needs between 2025 and 2028.

Maryland’s Democratic Governor, Wes Moore, has called for the state’s power grid to be entirely powered by green energy by 2035.


The far-left Canadian government has been caught pumping millions of dollars in taxpayer money into plans to eliminate traditional meat for public consumption and replace it with insect-based “foods.”

As we’ve reported previously here at the Worldview Report, Canada’s World Economic Forum-controlled puppet government has funneled $10 million into building the largest cricket-processing plant in the world.

According to documents obtained by The Counter Signal, the new insect plant will soon start operating out of London, Ontario.

Previous reports from 2022 indicate that Agriculture Canada gave $8.5 million to insect protein producers Aspire Food Group Ltd.

However, this newly uncovered government document suggests that in June 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet secretly committed $10 million in taxpayer dollars from Canada’s Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED).

The funding sought to jumpstart the cricket plant’s design and construction, and get it up and running as soon as possible.

The Ministry of Innovation justified the funds by stating that crickets are a superior source of nutrition over plant-based foods and beef, chicken, and pork products.

The document states:

“… Farming of insects, rather than animals, for protein uses less feed, water, and land and produces higher quality protein compared to plants.”

The ministry also indicated that the facility is easily scalable and can “automate large-scale production of cricket protein.”

Trudeau funneled cash to the insect protein company via his green slush fund, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), which is embroiled in a mismanagement scandal that caused CEO Leah Lawrence to resign on November 10, as the report notes. Board president Annette Verschuren also resigned this week after it was discovered she approved $217,000 in funding from SDTC to her own firm.

The $10 million insect protein discovery comes amid concerns from Canadian farmers that Trudeau’s fertilizer emissions reduction targets will harm crop production in the sphere of traditional agriculture.

By 2030, the Trudeau Liberals aim to reduce emissions from fertilizer use by 30% from 2020 levels.

This is the same war on food that we’ve reported on in other countries such as the Netherlands. The real purpose is to cause starvation and depopulation and has nothing to do with saving the environment.


In other news out of Canada, The Counter Signal reports that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has hired a branding specialist to try and convince Canadians to like him more, appointing marketing veteran Max Valiquette as the executive director of communications for the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Valiquette, bringing over 25 years of expertise in communications, marketing, and branding, is set to assume the role in early December, as reported by The Hill Times.

The move comes amid the worst polling numbers that Trudeau’s Liberal Party has seen since Trudeau became Prime Minister in 2015.

Valiquette’s X account, which includes his pronouns “he/him” in bio, shows numerous pro-Trudeau posts.

One post he made before the 2021 federal election reads, “A Conservative vote is an anti-LGBTQ vote. It’s that straightforward.”

Valiquette was strongly opposed to the Freedom Convoy protest and smeared all protesters as white supremacists. Valiquette also celebrated the day the Trudeau Government banned unvaccinated people from boarding a plane.


America is being overrun by feral hogs, according to a report by USA Today.

Wild hogs go by many names but are the same species as domesticated pigs found on farms.

Citing a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, USA Today says feral hogs cause approximately $2.5 billion in agricultural damages each year.

Since their introduction to the U.S. in the 1500's, the feral swine population have expanded across more than three quarters of the country. According to the Department of Agriculture, their population has grown to more than 9 million.

The wild animal has expanded westward and northward, with states like California, Hawaii, and Michigan reporting fairly large feral hog populations.

Which states are most impacted by wild hogs?

Florida, Georgia and Texas have the most feral hog reports in the U.S., according to data from the University of Georgia Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health.

In 2023 alone, Texas had 2,425 feral hog spottings, followed by 1,377 in Georgia.

Fifteen states had no feral hog spottings this year.


Slay News reports that a major new peer-reviewed study has concluded that face masks have played a key role in the spread of Covid infections.

The cross-sectional study, titled “Association between Face Mask Use and Risk of SARS-CoV-2 Infection,” was conducted by a team of Norwegian researchers.

According to the paper, published in the renowned British Cambridge University journal, the researchers conducted an “observational study that analyses data from a population, or a representative subset, at a specific point in time.”

In this case, the point in time they analyzed was data from early 2022.

They examined a cross-section of data for people who reported testing positive for Covid and revealed how often they wore a mask.

The data was taken from an earlier study where researchers sought to determine whether wearing glasses reduced the chance of becoming infected.

During the earlier study, participants noted how often they wore masks and recorded their positive Covid tests.

The researchers explain:

“We examined the association between face masks and the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2 using cross-sectional data from 3,209 participants in a randomized trial of using glasses to reduce the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2. Face mask use was based on participants’ responses to the end-of-follow-up survey.

“We found that the incidence of self-reported COVID-19 was 33% higher in those wearing face masks often or sometimes, and 40% higher in those wearing face masks almost always or always, compared to participants who reported wearing face masks never or almost never.”


The former controller at the Trump Organization had an emotional breakdown on the witness stand while telling the court how he was forced out of a job he loved.

Slay News reports that Jeffrey McConney was testifying during President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York this past week.

He described being driven from a job he loved by relentless politically motivated investigations and harassment from Trump’s rivals.

McConney said he “gave up” after years of being subpoenaed and harassed with questions about Trump’s assets.

Despite being one of the most famous real estate icons in the world, Trump never came under legal scrutiny until he entered the political arena.

After years of investigating Trump and his business, Democrat Attorney General Letitia James sued Trump last year in New York.

The career prosecutor alleges that Trump defrauded lenders by inflating the value of his assets.

During his testimony Tuesday, McConney said he was proud of the work he performed at the Trump Organization from 1987 until February of 2023.

Asked by Trump’s defense why he left, McConnell lost his composure, stating:

“I just wanted to relax and stop being accused of misrepresenting assets for the company that I loved working for. I’m sorry.”

The radical judge, Arthur Engoron, has already ruled against Trump.

Trump and his legal team say the judge is biased against him.

The 45th president has argued that his financial statements undervalued his actual wealth and that they came with “buyer beware” disclaimers.


The New York Post reports that hundreds of “radicalized” kids rampaged through the halls of a Queens high school this week for nearly two hours after they discovered a teacher had attended a pro-Israel rally — forcing the terrified educator to hide in a locked office as the teen mob tried to push its way into her classroom, The Post has learned.

The mayhem at Hillcrest High School in Jamaica, New York unfolded shortly after 11 a.m. Monday in what students called a pre-planned protest over the teacher’s Facebook profile photo showing her at a pro-Israel rally on Queens October 9 holding a poster saying, “I stand with Israel.”

A senior student told the Post this week:

“The teacher was seen holding a sign of Israel, like supporting it. A bunch of kids decided to make a group chat, expose her, talk about it, and then talk about starting a riot.”

Hundreds of kids flooded into hallways and ran amok, chanting, jumping, shouting, and waving Palestinian flags or banners.

Many tried to barge into the teacher’s classroom despite school staffers blocking their entry.

Another senior student described a chaotic environment in which, “Everyone was yelling “Free Palestine!”

A ninth grader added that, “Everyone was screaming ‘(The teacher) needs to go!’ They want her fired.”

School administrators and the NYPD, which responded to the school at about 11:20 am, got wind of their plans just in time to rush the teacher into an office and lock the door, another educator said.

Students recorded the commotion, posting multiple videos, some set to pulsing Arabian music, on TikTok.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

We’ve all seen or read about the riots in Dublin, Ireland. These riots have shocked the world, and the reasons for the unrest have been murky, at best, if you have been watching the mainstream media.

So, what really caused the people’s revolt in Ireland? A 5-year-old girl was stabbed by an Algerian national outside of a school last Thursday. She was seriously wounded and two others, a boy and a girl, suffered minor injuries. An adult woman who worked at the school and tried to intervene was also stabbed and seriously wounded.

Here’s a report from an Irish national that lays it out plainly.



That’s what it boils down to. A failure on the part of the Irish government to protect the children of Ireland from illegal migrants. Then you had other groups who infiltrated the protests and started burning and looting.

But it all started with the government’s reckless open-borders policy, a misguided policy backed by the U.N. and WEF.

Sound familiar? It should. Because these are some of the exact same problems we face here in America. Open borders. Rising violent crime. A feeling of unease and anxiety as the nation gradually devolves into greater and greater chaos and lawlessness.

Some say it’s a symptom of incompetence. Others blame corruption. Still others, myself included, believe we’re seeing a purposeful plot to destroy Western civilization by Marxists and globalists, a managed demolition of everything that made America great.

Either way, as we enter the Christmas season and approach the end of another year, I think we can all agree that we can’t go on like this. Sooner or later, we will reach a tipping point, and the end of the road will be at hand, if it isn’t already. And there will be no going back to the America we once knew, a land of individual freedom that allows everyone to pursue their dreams based on their own merits and hard work.

So, won’t you join me in praying for America this Christmas season? America and its people, we the people of America, are in a world of hurt. Only repentance and a major dose of God’s mercy can save us. Let’s pray for that.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and thanks for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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