The Untold ‘Complicated’ History of Russia’s Relationship with Crimea Could Be the Spark That Ignites WWIII


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Leo Hohmann: Hello, Brannon. Thanks for having me.

Brannon Howse: Hello, America. As Mike Hamman likes to say, let's go over there to Leo There we go. World War Three will happen while we're going to need this little broadcast of hope, I'm about to bring you after our talk with David and now Leo. Leo has the subtitle The Untold Complicated History of Russia's Relationship with Crimea could be the spark that ignites World War three. The West ignores this history to its peril. Go, Leo, tell us about this, please.

Leo Hohmann: Uh, yeah. What sparked this article today was the comment yesterday by Vladimir Putin's defense minister, Sergey Shoygu, that if Ukraine uses. Medium to long-range missiles supplied by the US or Britain to strike inside Russia or Crimea. That will be taken as an existential threat to Russia's national security and they will strike back. Seeking military targets, including President Volodymyr Zelensky and other top government officials in Kyiv. So he's saying that if you launch these missiles into Russia and they consider Crimea, Crimea part of Russia, then there's going to be hell to pay. We will strike back is what he's saying. Now, there's a lot of background to this story, because if you listen to the way or watch the way that it's reported in the mainstream press, they always talk about Russia occupying Crimea or Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 without telling you that Crimea held a national referendum in 2014 and voted overwhelmingly that they wanted to be joined to Russia, not Ukraine. And they skip over tons of history. That shows Crimea has strong cultural connections to Russia. It was part of Russia. Brannon Since 1783 when Catherine the Great defeated the Ottoman Muslim Turks in a big battle there in Crimea and it stayed part of Russia until 1954.

Leo Hohmann: Now, who was in charge of Russia in 1954? That was when it was the Soviet Union. And the Crimeans wanted to be part of Russia to be continued to be part of Russia then. But Lenin said no. Stalin said no, you must be included in Ukraine. And so this is the history Now, pouring gasoline on this fire are some US military generals retired recently, retired General Ben Hodges in particular. He recently retired. He was a four stargeneral in charge of all of the US troops in Europe. He came out recently and said that Ukraine's counter-offensive should include retaking Crimea from the Russians. So the Russians are getting very nervous that these long-range missiles that have been supplied to Ukraine by the British, by the United States, the Himars missiles from the US, and the storm shadow missiles from the UK could be used in this offensive and targeting Crimea, which is going to be presented in the propaganda completely captured Western media. As you know, this territory that Russia just decided to annex in 2014 and never had any previous relationship with it.

Brannon Howse: Wow. So all this to say with your headline World War three will happen. Why are you saying World War three will happen? Not that. Well, not that I disagree with you, by the way. Yeah.

Leo Hohmann: Yeah. Well, you know, like David Pine, your previous guest said, the world can change overnight. We could wake up tomorrow, Brannon, and find that the US has decided to widen this war. By what? Launching these missiles at Russia, in Crimea. And this is what Russia has come out and said is a red line that if we cross it, this would be a provocation. There have been many provocations already in this war, but they're saying they're signaling to the world that if this one happens, they absolutely cannot sit back and not retaliate. This would signal the beginning of World War Three in earnest. If this happens, and I don't think we should dismiss it, even though this comment by the US retired general sounds outrageous, insane that we should bomb, send cruise missiles into Russia into Crimea. There. Ukrainians are losing this war. Their counteroffensive is not going well. We're about two weeks into it now, and they have had about 40% of the Western-supplied tanks, and armored personnel carriers obliterated by the Russian military. It's not going well. The Ukrainians are running out of manpower, manpower. They're down to approximately 40, 35, 40,000 person armies, whereas the Russians have a 750,000-man army. And so the Ukrainians are going to lose. The question is, will Washington accept this and go to the peace table and negotiate a peace settlement with the Russians, which at that point will have to be pretty much on the Russian's terms, or will they widen the war, not accept this, this defeat and say, okay, Ukrainians, we've tried to run this proxy war against Russia through the Ukrainians now. Ukraine has burned through all of its manpower, burned through all of its ammunition that we've supplied them. And the only way to continue to go after Russia is to widen this war. And that would be when we wake up and find that they've launched these missiles into Russia.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Leo Leo, as always. Leo, we appreciate all your great reporting and for your being an associate producer on our news broadcast Worldview Report. Thank you for everything. Leo.

Leo Hohmann: Thank you so much, Brannon Have a good night. You too.

Brannon Howse: Leo Hohmann checking in. Check out his site., where he has that brand new article.

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