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Time to Be Protestant Again (Part 2) (Ozarks Worldview Weekend 2017)

Time to Be Protestant Again (Part 2) (Ozarks Worldview Weekend 2017)

Philip De Courcy

Philip De Courcy is the senior pastor of Kindred Community Church in Anaheim Hills, California, and speaker on the daily radio program, Know The Truth.

Philip was born in Belfast, Ireland, to Christian parents who instilled in him a love for the Lord, Jesus Christ.  At sixteen years of age, Philip trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.  

Growing up in a neighborhood where civil tension was commonplace, many of Philip’s friends became involved in acts of terrorism.  As a result, Philip decided to serve as a part-time reserve police officer in the Royal Ulster Constabulary in North Belfast.  Although some of his comrades were injured and even killed during that six-year period, Philip was unharmed.  To this day, he believes God used this faith-building season to prepare him for pastoral ministry.  

Philip had already begun his primary career as an engineer in the aircraft industry when he sensed God’s calling to enter the Irish Baptist College for training in ministry.  While attending college, Philip met his life-partner, June, a young girl from Glasgow, Scotland, who was training at the Whitfield College of the Bible in Northern Ireland.  Philip and June were married in Scotland, kilt and all, in 1987. After graduation, Philip spent six years shepherding the congregation of Carr Baptist Church in Lisburn, a suburb of Belfast.

In 1994, burdened by a renewed desire to gain more preparation for ministry, and with the encouragement of his friend, John MacArthur, Philip enrolled in The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California.  His association with The Master’s Seminary and College continues to this day as he serves on the Board of Directors. 

After shepherding churches in southern California and central Ohio, in 2007 Philip relocated his family to Anaheim Hills, California, to begin his current ministry as senior pastor at Kindred Community Church.  

The daily radio broadcast, Know The Truth, was launched in March 2010, on three local radio stations in southern California.  The program features Philip’s expository Bible teaching and is hosted by broadcast veteran, Wayne Shepherd. 

Philip and June have three grown daughters and one son-in law.