Senator Hawley Doesn't Hold Back On FBI Director Wray


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  • Joe Biden’s mad climate czar, John Kerry, appears at the United Nations COP28 summit to say that all of the world’s coal-fired power plants must be shut down. Anything short of this, he says, and the world will be destroyed by global warming.
  • Pope Francis says global government is the answer to fighting climate change and saving the planet.
  • Two of the three medals handed out at a major collegiate cycling event for women over the weekend went to biological males as the war against women’s athletics rages on.
  • More American young people are becoming preppers. We’ll tell you why.
  • And Kamala Harris uses the stage at COP28 to lambast Israel and demand that the Jewish state go easy on Hamas.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

The Biden regime is now saying the quiet part out loud when it comes to decarbonizing the world, which we all know will lead to starving and freezing people to death.

LifeSite News reports that Joe Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry, told the United Nations COP28 climate conference that all coal-fired power plants in the world should be shut down.

“There shouldn’t be any more coal-fired power plants permitted anywhere in the world,” John Kerry declared over the weekend. He made the pronouncement at the United Nations “Conference of the Parties” event, also known as COP28, in the United Arab Emirates.

Kerry made a barrage of false statements, saying:

“The reality is that it’s killing people around the planet. Eight million people a year of bad air quality … not bad air quality, methane. And coal pollution.”

He then referred to a study from Harvard University about deaths allegedly attributable to coal, stating:

“I find myself getting more and more militant, because I do not understand how adults who are in position of responsibility can be avoiding responsibility for taking away those things that are killing people on a daily basis.”

As noted by LifeSite News, Kerry’s family previously owned a private jet that it had used to make 48 trips in the first 18 months of the Biden presidency. The plane reportedly emitted “an estimated 715,886 pounds, or 325 metric tons, of carbon” during that time period, according to Fox News.

COP 28 UAE’s social media promoted the clip of Kerry spouting his nonsense.

WATCH VIDEO (not sure if you can use this or not from LinkedIn)

Kerry claimed that coal “doubles the number of deaths over the other sources of air-carried pollution.”

However, LifeSite reports that the study’s own data shows that “particulate matter” has been steadily decreasing in the past 20 years and that “annual excess deaths” allegedly attributable to the coal pollution are nearing zero. It would therefore be incorrect to believe that more coal plants would lead to more deaths.

Kerry is known for making false predictions and spreading misinformation about the climate.


Pope Francis also delivered a message to the COP28 climate conference and it was equally as radical as that of John Kerry’s.

The Marxist pope called for “obligatory and readily monitored” climate measures to accelerate the world’s “ecological transition” to a net-zero emissions world.

Francis affirmed his desire for aggressive mandates on the way to global governance.

In an address delivered by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Pope Francis decried “destruction of the environment” and climate change, which he attributed to human activities. He said such activity was “an offense against God” stemming from an obsession with the desire to “produce and possess.”

He went on to reaffirm calls for global governance as a solution to the so-called “ecological debts” that wealthy nations have “towards many other” nations.

“What is the way out of this? It is the one that you are pursuing in these days: the way of togetherness, multilateralism,” wrote Francis, referring to international cooperation in service of a common goal. 

He cited his recent apostolic exhortation which claims that “a different framework for effective cooperation is required” for our “multipolar” world, and that “It is a matter of establishing global and effective rules.”

Francis also suggested countries should place the poorly defined “global common good” above their own “national interests.” 


Vice President Kamala Harris was also at the COP28 conference over the weekend and she announced that the U.S. has pledged $3 billion to the climate change green energy fund. Harris also used the global platform of COP28 to scold Israel and tell the Jewish state how it needs to conduct its war against Hamas.

She said Israel “must” do a better job of making sure innocent civilians aren’t among the casualties of the war.

While that sounds good to the average viewer, Caroline Glick points out how that is an impossible task if the objective is to destroy Hamas, because of the way Hamas is embedded in the civilian population.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 0:40 mark to 3:41 mark)

So, it sounds like the real objective of the Biden administration is to make sure Hamas is not destroyed, only lightly punished, and is able to regroup and kill more Jews.


Biological men won both the gold and silver medals in a supposedly female race at the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships over the weekend, the Daily Mail reports, and advocates for women’s athletics are voicing strong pushback.

Some are calling for boycotts of future competitions that allow men to compete as women simply because they identify as transgender.

The Illinois cycling championships were held on December 3 and included a dozen different competitions divided into men, women, and junior athlete categories.

But two biological men placed atop the podium for the Women's Single-speed category.

Kristin Chalmers, the bronze medalist, was the only biological female on a podium that included Mr. Tessa Johnson and Mr. Evelyn Williamson.

According to Reduxx, the Chicago CrossCup's website notes that it will disqualify anyone who practices “discrimination or harassment of any kind on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, or any other stupid idea someone comes up with to belittle another racer.”

News of the gold and silver wins by the transgender athletes lit up the social media platform X.

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova wrote: “More mediocre male bodies taking podium places from female athletes. And it stinks!!!!”

Piers Morgan was also horrified, stating on X: “It’s so outrageous. Why aren’t more women standing up against this assault on their rights?”

An account called the Lesbian Republican wrote: “Cycling has been my refuge since I was a little girl. This makes me sick to my stomach and full of rage.”

Former NCAA swimmer and current advocate for the continued existence of women's sports Riley Gaines offered to compensate female cyclists who boycott USA Cycling competitions. She wrote:

“Any woman who concedes and doesn't compete, I will personally pay them the prize money they're missing out on. Stop participating in the farce.”


More young Americans are becoming preppers.

Leading up to the next presidential election, fears of a societal collapse or failed natural-disaster response are the two main reasons young people age 25 and under are prepping, a survey has found.

Gen-Z, which includes adults born after 1997, is the most likely to be preparing for a disaster with a whopping 40 percent claiming to have spent money on doomsday supplies in the past year, according to a Finder survey.

The survey of 2,179 U.S. adults was conducted from January 9 to February 17. Finder asked survey responders if they had spent money preparing for emergencies over the last 12 months.

Across all generations, food and water was the most commonly bought prepping item and 20 percent of Gen-Z preppers purchased toilet paper. According to the latest survey 29 percent of Americans spent money on prepping, up from the roughly 25 percent who did in 2017.

Many preppers said they are taking precautions ahead of the 2024 election because they are concerned it will bring civil unrest, while others worry the government will botch its response to the next big natural disaster.


FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday called for the renewal of the 9/11 era surveillance law known as FISA that is set to expire on December 31. 

During his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Wray argued that Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is “key to our ability to detect a foreign terrorist organization overseas directing an operative here to carry out an attack in our own backyard,” according to NBC News.

Section 702 allows the government to conduct surveillance operations on individuals outside of the U.S. to obtain information to detect terrorist attacks and potential threats from foreign adversaries. 

Wray said during his opening remarks:

“When it comes to foreign adversaries like Iran, whose actions across a whole host of threats have grown more brazen — seeking to assassinate high-level officials, kidnap dissidents, and conduct cyberattacks here in the United States — or the People’s Republic of China, which poses a generational threat to our economic and national security, stripping the FBI of its 702 authorities would be a form of unilateral disarmament.”

Many Republicans have opposed the renewal of the act, arguing that federal agencies have been weaponized against conservatives and so-called MAGA Republicans.

Earlier this year Rep. Matt Gaetz R-Fl. introduced a resolution not to renew the act. 

Gaetz wrote in a press release:

“Section 702 of FISA allows surveillance of non-U.S. citizens overseas, and when U.S. citizens are flagged in these investigations, the FBI takes over and can run a query on them for possible security issues.”


FBI Director Christopher Wray was also taken to the woodshed Tuesday by Senator Josh Hawley for the agency’s persecution of conservative Catholics.

Take a look at this classic beatdown delivered by a seriously enraged Senator Hawley.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 2:09)

Wow! That was some righteous anger on display by Hawley, who is gaining a reputation as a senator who does not let the heads of these three-letter agencies off the hook lightly.


Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is claiming he is the only person running for president who will rein in these out-of-control federal agencies and their bureaucratic leaders.

DeSantis blasted former President Donald Trump for his handling of the Covid crisis and said he would “bring a reckoning to these agencies.”


I have to hand it to him. That was a nice sound bite by Governor DeSantis. But if Donald Trump couldn’t drain the swamp, does anyone really believe DeSantis will?


TechCrunch reports that the genetic testing company 23andMe announced that hackers accessed the personal data of about 14,000 individuals in its databank. The company also said that by accessing those accounts, hackers were also able to access “a significant number of files containing profile information about other users’ ancestry.”

But 23andMe would not say how many “other users” were impacted by the breach that the company initially disclosed in early October.

As it turns out, there were a lot of “other users” who were victims of this data breach: 6.9 million affected individuals in total.

In an email sent to TechCrunch late on Saturday, 23andMe spokesperson Katie Watson confirmed that hackers accessed the personal information of about 5.5 million people who opted-in to 23andMe’s DNA Relatives feature, which allows customers to automatically share some of their data with others. The stolen data included the person’s name, birth year, relationship labels, the percentage of DNA shared with relatives, ancestry reports and self-reported location.

23andMe also confirmed that another group of about 1.4 million people who opted in to DNA Relatives also “had their Family Tree profile information accessed,” which includes display names, relationship labels, birth year, self-reported location and whether the user decided to share their information, the spokesperson said.

Considering the new numbers, in reality, the data breach is known to affect roughly half of 23andMe’s total reported 14 million customers, according to the report by TechCrunch.


Congressman Paul Gosar, Republican of Arizona, has demanded answers from four federal agencies concerning their ongoing funding of EcoHealth Alliance, the Wuhan lab-associated nongovernmental organization that has received upwards of $50 million in taxpayer money since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

Gosar, citing research from taxpayer-watchdog group White Coat Waste Project, asked the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, and U.S. Agency for International Development what their combined total of $50 million was used for.

In letters sent to each of the respective agencies on Monday, the Arizona Republican requested specifics about total funding to EcoHealth, any active projects with the nonprofit, research on weapons of mass destruction, EcoHealth collaborators, research in foreign countries, and gain-of-function research.

“EHA does not deserve any taxpayer support after what happened in Wuhan and its years of empty promises of predicting and preventing pandemics and instead probably causing one,” Gosar wrote in each of the four letters.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Kristalina Georgieva, a Bulgarian economist who serves as the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, says the IMF wants to see countries implement punishing new carbon taxes to “fight climate change.”

She appeared at the United Nations COP28 climate summit on Monday to deliver her dire message, stating:

“We are very keen to give the biggest possible incentive for decarbonization, which is putting a price on carbon. That price needs to go up, up, up if we are to speed up decarbonization.”

The IMF boss also tried to justify carbon taxes by saying they would raise revenues for governments.

She said, “We are a huge proponent of carbon price.”

This is a bold statement that seems to indicate only the rich will be allowed to maintain their current lifestyles if the globalists get their way.


There you have it broken down in very simple terms. Climate change means more money for governments and less for us. The entire climate change scam presents a wonderful excuse for politicians to reach into your pocket and rob you of your hard-earned money.  

Georgieva is a globalist leader sitting there at COP28 under the banner of the IMF and World Bank, admitting in the wide open that what the globalists want is a global tax that punishes people for driving gas-powered cars, heating their homes, cooking on gas ranges, eating meat, flying on planes, and a whole host of other everyday activities.

These are all things that your typical middle-class family sees not as luxuries but as necessities. If the globalists get their way, only the rich will be able to afford these things. The rest of us will be left to fend for ourselves in cold, dank little apartments, riding our bicycles to work, or catching the bus, while coming home to a dinner of meal worms and crickets.

No thanks.

These people sitting on their high and lofty perches at these globalist summits have somehow gotten the mistaken idea that they can lord their perverse ideology over us and make us conform to a lifestyle fit for the Middle Ages. All while they attend elaborate conferences, dine on filet mignon and caviar while being transported about in their gas-guzzling SUVs and private jets.

As more people figure out what decarbonization and net-zero emissions will actually mean for their own way of life, you can bet these globalists are going to have to run for cover.

That’s why we do what we do here at the Worldview Report, reporting and informing the public, 24/7, in an effort to wake up the sleeping masses. Get them to realize that if we remain on the current trajectory, we will live not as free men but as slaves.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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