Senate Republicans Block Assault Weapons Ban


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  • The Biden regime is threatening Congress: Either approve more billions in aid for Ukraine or face the likelihood that U.S. troops will be sent to fight Russia in Europe.
  • One European city cancels its woke Christmas celebration after residents voice their anger at a black female Santa Clause draped in a Palestinian flag.
  • An Arizona Sheriff goes off on the Biden administration’s open borders free for all.
  • Another professional body builder dies suddenly and the mayor of Montreal collapses at a public speaking event.
  • And every time your smartphone lights up with a notification from an app, someone’s prying eyes are watching. And they don’t want you to know about it.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Breitbart reports that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Congress on Tuesday during a private briefing that if they do not pass more aid to Ukraine, it would “very likely” lead to U.S. troops fighting a war in Europe against the Russians.

“If [Vladimir] Putin takes over Ukraine, he’ll get Moldova, Georgia, then maybe the Baltics,” House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul, a notorious neocon war hawk, told The Messenger, after Austin and other senior Biden administration officials briefed House lawmakers on their request for more aid for Ukraine.

The fact that Republican Mike McCaul was running interference for the Biden regime and its insane drive toward World War III with Russia, the world’s most heavily armed nuclear power, proves yet again that the Uniparty controls Washington and its military-industrial complex.

The Biden administration has requested a $106 billion aid package from Congress, with the bulk of it — $61 billion — going to Ukraine. That would be in addition to the $113 billion that has already been wasted on Ukraine in its war with Russia dating back to February 2022.

But, thankfully, not all Republican are buying into the lies about Russia wanting to retake all of Eastern Europe, a scenario for which the neocons have no evidence.

Republican skeptics oppose more aid to Ukraine without more accountability and transparency on how it will help Ukraine.

House Speaker Mike Johnson told the Messenger, “I don’t think we got the clarity that we’ve been requesting,” and that “It remains to be seen whether members are satisfied with the answers provided.”

Congressman John Duarte, Republican of California, told the Messenger that the briefing was “prescriptive and staged.” He added that:

“I didn’t get a sense that any minds were changed in there. It wasn’t impressive or insightful in any way other than what you might see in the news. It was just a hopeful pressure effort.”


A Belgian city has cancelled its plans for a black female Santa Claus to hand out presents to children after critics labelled the event as “woker than woke,” according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Queen Nikkolah, an African alternative to the Belgian Santa Claus – Sinterklaas – was also set to be draped in the colors of a Palestinian flag.

The character, dreamt up by an artist who called for Belgium to be liberated from “colonial ideology,” was set to visit the town hall until the mayor of Ghent succumbed to public outrage and canceled the event.

Mayor Mathias de Clercq stated:

“There is nothing wrong with Sinterklaas, as we know him. We shouldn't try to turn him into something else.”

The character of Queen Nikkolah was created to provide children with revised versions of traditional Christmas tales about Sinterklaas.

Members of the right-leaning New Flemish Alliance described the event as “woker than woke.”

More than 300 children were planning to attend the alternative Christmas event.


Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, Arizona, released a video on Tuesday.

Sheriff Lamb alleges that illegal border crossers in Arizona are immediately given a $5,000 gift card once they step foot inside the United States – and a free plane ticket!

They really do win the Lotto when they enter America!

The House Committee on Homeland Security released a report last week on the massive cost illegal aliens have on the country. According to the committee, the so-called asylum seekers who enter the U.S. illegally are costing the government $451 billion a year.

Joe Biden and his handler Barack Obama opened the flood gates. Now they are encouraging the invasion by providing free goodies.

Here is Sheriff Lamb exposing the devious nature of the Biden regime’s open-border policies.



The Western Journal has posted an interesting story on smartphones and who has access to your personal messages.

At issue are the push notifications you get on your smartphone throughout the day and night.

Oregon Democrat Senator Ron Wyden released a letter sent Wednesday to Attorney General Merrick Garland asking that the Department of Justice no longer prevent tech giants Apple and Google from releasing information about smartphone app notification records, Reuters reported.

Push notifications, the letter explained, are those “instant alerts” a smartphone user receives periodically to inform them of a new email, text message, news update or other information.

According to the letter, Wyden’s office has been looking into foreign governments requesting — and apparently receiving — information about smartphone users without their knowledge.

The investigation followed a tip Wyden said his office received roughly 18 months ago, in the spring of 2022. In trying to follow up on that tip, however, Wyden’s office hit a roadblock: both Apple and Google told his staff that “information about this practice is restricted from public release by the government.”

While users may assume that push notifications come directly from an app on their phones, the letter states that they actually “pass through a kind of digital post office run by the phone’s operating system provider.”

Android users receive push notifications through Google‘s Firebase Cloud Messaging, and iPhone users get theirs via Apple’s Push Notification Service.

Either way, that “digital post office” receives and then stores information about the smartphone user, including, in some cases, “unencrypted content, which could range from backend directives for the app to the actual text displayed to a user in an app notification,” the senator wrote. That’s a potential major privacy issue, one that the senator said may be exploited by foreign governments.

Wyden said:

“These companies should be permitted to generally reveal whether they have been compelled to facilitate this surveillance practice, to publish aggregate statistics about the number of demands they receive, and unless temporarily gagged by a court, to notify specific customers about demands for their data. I would ask that the DOJ repeal or modify any policies that impede this transparency.”

An unnamed source told Reuters that he was unaware of how long the two tech companies had been storing and sharing user data and did not identify the countries involved, describing them only as “democracies allied to the United States.”

Reuters noted:

“Earlier this year French developer David Libeau said users and developers were often unaware of how their apps emitted data to the U.S. tech giants via push notifications, calling them ‘a privacy nightmare.’”


Another professional bodybuilder, Shaun “Dinosaur” Davis, has died suddenly at 57, TMZ reported Tuesday.

Davis, who weighed 336 pounds, won the prestigious Mr. Universe title in 1996. He has also been crowned Mr. UK, Mr. Britain, Mr. Europe, and Mr. Pro Universe.

A cause of death has not been disclosed.

Davis was the fifth bodybuilder under the age of 60 to die suddenly this year.

In October, popular New Zealand fitness influencer and mother of five Raechelle Chase also died suddenly at the age of 41.

In September, world-renowned bodybuilder Neil Currey died at 34, which his trainer called “absolutely shocking.”

In July, bodybuilding veteran Gustavo “The Freakin’ Rican” Badell died at age 50 from a sudden stroke.

The month prior, famed bodybuilding influencer Jo Lindner died suddenly from an aneurysm at age 30. 


On December 5, the mayor of Montreal, Canada, Valérie Plante, collapsed on live television while speaking at a press conference.

Take a look.


Wow. That is the same mayor of Montreal who mandated Covid vaccines on all elected officials.


She stated in October 2021: “All elected officials will have to be able to show their vaccination passport during the next meetings of the municipal council.”


Police are investigating claims that Jewish children have been prevented from getting on public buses in London, according to a report in the British news outlet, The Independent.

In one incident, several Jewish schoolboys were waiting at Egerton Road bus stop in Stamford Hill, north London, and signaled for it to stop. The driver initially slowed down but then continued without stopping, the complaint says.

It is claimed several passengers were encouraging the driver’s alleged actions, making antisemitic remarks and expressing their gratitude for the bus not stopping, the Metropolitan Police told The Independent. The incident is said to have occurred at around 8:05 a.m. on the 76 bus towards Waterloo, on November 26.

The alleged incident was reported to the Jewish Community Safety Patrol – and to the Metro police by a passenger who felt “threatened, intimidated, shocked, and scared” as he was the only Jewish person on the bus at the time. He said he was angered by the “apparent complicity of the bus driver and other passengers,” a spokesperson for the Jewish Safety Patrol said.

A similar incident is said to have taken place three days later, on the 318 bus, on Ravensdale Road in Hackney at around 7:40 p.m. A 13-year-old Jewish girl reported her bus initially slowing down for Jewish boys putting their hands out for it to stop.

She claimed the driver then rapidly accelerated and did not allow them on. At the next stop, a non-Jewish Londoner was permitted on board, suggesting “discriminatory behavior by the driver,” the complaint claims.

This comes after the Metropolitan Police said antisemitic attacks in London increased by 1,353 percent following the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas conflict on October 7th.


The Biden administration continues to prove over and over that it is acting as a proxy for the World Economic Forum and its Great Reset, which aims to transition the world to a digital surveillance society.

The latest boondoggle is public mass transit.

The Associated Press reports that the Biden administration on Tuesday said it will give more than $6 billion in federal taxpayer dollars to a pair of high-speed electric rail routes in the U.S. West, injecting new life into long-stalled projects hailed by supporters as the future of public transportation but bemoaned by critics for their high price tags and lengthy construction times.

U.S. senators from California and Nevada said the federal government will give $3 billion for a planned privately-owned route between Las Vegas and the Los Angeles area plus another $3.1 billion for an initial segment of California's publicly-funded effort to eventually connect Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The money is a fraction of the total cost to build the routes. But it signals the Biden administration's commitment to public transit as a replacement for private automobile ownership, which is right in line with the WEF’s green economic agenda where you will own nothing – no car, no house, no appliances, no furniture – and somehow learn to be happy? I don’t think so.


Joe Biden spoke to the press for the first time since the revelation that he received direct payments from one of his son's shady businesses. That news broke in the face of the president's repeated denials over the years claiming that he had zero connections to Hunter Biden's dealings. 

When faced with the glaring contradiction, Joe Biden freaked out, doubling down and storming out of the press conference.


Red State noted, “The problem with being senile is that it gets in the way of being a good liar. It has been proven through numerous pieces of evidence that Joe Biden met directly with his son's business associates. In one case, a Russian oligarch was even granted dinner with the then-vice president after she paid Hunter Biden $3.5 million.”

There is also direct testimony, including from Devon Archer, showing that Joe Biden would routinely end up on the phone during his son's business meetings. On that front, the most recent report shows that Joe Biden had 327 different such encounters. As many have speculated, it appears the real goal was to show that Joe Biden was involved and that the influence-peddling operation was sound.

Red State writes:

“Long story short, it is not a ‘bunch of lies’ to say that Joe Biden interacted with his son's business partners. We know he did, and the fact that he continues to blatantly lie about it is astonishing. It's so astonishing that even CNN did a report exposing it earlier in the year.”


When CNN stops running cover for Joe Biden and actually reports the truth about his crime family, you know his days are numbered.


U.S. House Republicans on Tuesday pressed the presidents of three of the country's most prestigious universities on their efforts to combat antisemitism following the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel, with some suggesting their response to rhetoric that surfaced on campus was inadequate.

In their testimony before a U.S. House of Representatives committee, Claudine Gay of Harvard University, Liz Magill of the University of Pennsylvania and Sally Kornbluth of Massachusetts Institute of Technology each denounced the Hamas attack and affirmed their commitment to assuring Jewish students feel safe. At the same time, their answers to questions belied a less than stellar commitment to protecting Jewish students.

Here is a clip showing Congresswoman Elise Stefanik grilling the three university presidents.



Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked efforts by Senate Democrats to pass an assault weapons ban and universal background checks legislation.

Republican Senator John Barrasso , Republican of Wyoming, objected to Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s request for unanimous consent to pass the assault weapons ban.

The assault weapons ban, originally sponsored by the late Senator Dianne Feinstein , Democrat of California, would ban semi-automatic rifles with pistol grips, forward grips and folding or telescoping stocks, as well as rifles outfitted with grenade launchers, barrel shrouds or threaded barrels to allow for noise and flash suppressors to be attached.  

A whole range of semi-automatic pistols would also be banned under the legislation.

Barrasso argued that the Democratic-drafted bill would infringe on the Second Amendment and deprive law-abiding gun owners of an important liberty. He stated:

“Americans have a constitutional right to own a firearm. Every day, people across Wyoming responsibly use their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. Democrats are demanding that the American people give up their liberty.”  


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Slovakia has shocked the world as its new Prime Minister has publicly rejected signing the proposed global Pandemic Treaty, which was put forth last year by the United States and backed by a host of other countries at the World Health Organization.

At the World Health Assembly in May, not a single country’s leader stood up to denounce the global treaty that is designed to weaken national sovereignty and empower the WHO in a clear move toward global government.

But now there’s a new guy on the block. Prime Minister Robert Fico of Slovakia. He recently called the WHO Pandemic Treaty “nonsense invented by greedy pharma companies.”

Here’s a clip of him making the announcement that Slovakia will not support the international accord, which would transfer sovereignty from individual nations to the WHO when it comes to declaring a public health emergency of international concern, and how to respond to such an emergency.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 1:55)

It’s clear that the globalists were not happy that certain countries did not force more of their citizens to accept the Covid vaccines. They have many more mRNA vaccines to sell and it would be much more profitable if they didn’t have to convince each individual sovereign country that their product actually works. If they could just get one person at the head of the WHO to mandate their vaccine, it would save them much time and money. That’s what this global pandemic accord is all about. Selling more vaccines during more fabricated pandemics. Vaccines that are unsafe and ineffective. Vaccines that alter your genetic makeup and destroy your God-given immune system.

Let’s hope more nations follow the lead of Slovakia and say no to the globalists’ deceptive pandemic treaty.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Repot. Thanks for watching and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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