Israel Releases Intercepted Communications of Hamas Terrorists


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  • The Israeli government releases video of Hamas terrorists being interrogated by the IDF. We’ll share some of the intel that was gathered.
  • Electric vehicles are not cheaper to run and they are not easier on the environment, a new study says. So why is the government throwing out money to subsidize them?
  • The City of San Francisco will host the Asia-Pacific Summit this week, so what will it do with its homeless and drug-infested streets?
  • And you won’t believe the latest excuse being put forth for the rising rates of heart attack and stroke.

We have all these stories and much more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Leading off tonight, the Israel Defense Forces released intercepted communications of Hamas terrorists this week and video footage from captured Hamas terrorists showing them admitting to hiding in hospitals and using ambulances to get around on the battlefield, both of which are war crimes.

The video footage came from Hamas terrorists who were captured after their October 7 attack where they murdered 1,400 Israelis, wounded 5,300+, and took more than 240 people hostage.

One of the terrorists told the Israeli interrogator, whose voice was digitally altered to protect his identity, that “anything important” can be transported in ambulances during fighting.

“Anything important, commanders, and anything needed,” he said.

When asked why they use ambulances and not regular vehicles, the terrorist responded: “The Jews don’t attack ambulances.”

Another terrorist spoke about how Hamas hides out in hospitals, stating:

“In Shifa (Hospital), for example, in Shifa (Hospital), there’s a basement level, they could be in the basement, Shifa is a big place, not a small hospital. They hide here.”



The Washington Examiner reports that a new study found that fueling electric vehicles costs roughly $17 per gallon.

In its paper “Overcharged Expectations: Unmasking the True Costs of Electric Vehicles,” the Texas Public Policy Foundation stipulated that the hidden costs of fueling EVs drastically outweigh its low upfront fueling costs. The hidden costs come from an increased burden on the energy grid exerted by charging stations, and an enormous amount of federal subsidies.

Study authors Brent Bennett and Jason Isaac write:

“EV advocates claim that the cost of electricity for EV owners is equal to $1.21 per gallon of gasoline (Edison Electric Institute, 2021), but the cost of charging equipment and charging losses, averaged out over 10 years and 120,000 miles, is $1.38 per gallon equivalent on top of that. Adding the costs of the subsidies to the true cost of fueling an EV would equate to an EV owner paying $17.33 per gallon of gasoline.”

They added that:

“And these estimates do not include the hundreds of billions more in subsidies in the Inflation Reduction Act (2022) for various aspects of the EV supply chain, particularly for battery manufacturing. It is not an overstatement to say that the federal government is subsidizing EVs to a greater degree than even wind and solar electricity generation and embarking on an unprecedented endeavor to remake the entire American auto industry.”

Regulatory mandates were found to make up the highest chunk of the hidden costs.

The study also argues that hybrids are far more efficient than full EVs, but are ignored by the government.

“Federal policy is also pushing EVs over hybrid vehicles, even though hybrids offer a far more efficient way to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. They use a much smaller battery, offer excellent driving range and performance, and don’t require any upgrades to our electric infrastructure. Toyota estimated that 90 hybrid batteries can be made from the same amount of raw materials as one EV battery and that those hybrids will reduce emissions 37 times more over their lifetime than one EV.”

And yet, hybrids receive far fewer subsidies and regulatory favors than EVs, the report noted, as the prevailing political consensus is “all EV or nothing.”


Intense eruptive activity has begun at Mt. Etna, located on the Italian island of Sicily, local media reported on Monday.

As the volcanic clouds created by the explosions in the mountain have reached an inestimable height, the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) issued a red code for aviation, noted the public broadcaster Rainews.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 1:20)


We reported last night the Vatican’s cancelation of Bishop Joseph Strickland, one of Pope Francis' biggest critics in the U.S. Roman Catholic church. But he is sticking to his traditional principles after his abrupt firing Saturday by Pope Francis.

The now former Bishop of Tyler, Texas, says he is steadfast in saying he would not change a thing.

“I'd do it the same way again,” Strickland told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview. “I feel very much at peace in the Lord and the truth that he died for.”

It is extremely rare for a Catholic bishop to be relieved of his duties.

In past cases bishops in trouble with the Vatican have been asked to resign before submitting a resignation.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston said in a statement that Strickland was asked to resign on Nov. 9 but refused.

Strickland has been at odds with Francis’ far-left changes and pronouncements, some of which directly contradict core Christian beliefs.

For example, Francis has recently suggested priests can bless same-sex unions.

And this week the Vatican indicated transgender individuals could be baptized and serve as godparents.

In his LifeSiteNews interview, Strickland said he was targeted because he failed to implement a directive by Francis to not allow regular services using the Latin Mass, a traditional form favored by some conservatives.

“I stand by all the things that were listed as complaints against me,” Strickland said.

Strickland had become one of the most vocal standard bearers of U.S. Church conservatives and has a national following far beyond the small diocese of Tyler located in eastern Texas.

Strickland has strongly criticized President Biden and the Democratic party for their push for abortion rights, making him a hero for traditional U.S. Catholic media outlets.

Last year, when the Vatican defrocked the leading U.S. pro-life priest, Father Frank Pavone, for “blasphemous” social media posts and disobedience to bishops, Strickland was one of the few U.S. bishops to defend Pavone publicly.


San Francisco’s infamous homelessness, drug epidemic, crime and filth has miraculously been cleaned up and whitewashed seemingly overnight now that an important summit of world leaders is scheduled to happen this week.

The San Francisco Standard reported: “Musk, Benioff, Altman, Pichai, Biden, Xi and Trudeau. Leaders of the world’s largest economies will rub shoulders with billionaire tech titans in San Francisco during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit.”

The event runs through Thursday at Moscone West alongside the annual APEC Leaders’ Week and is expected to draw more than 1,000 business executives from corporations like FedEx, Visa and Pfizer. 

Also flocking to the city are a host of smaller companies and startups trying to get in on the action for a chance to toot their own horns, explore overseas expansion and lure domestic investment. 

President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are expected to meet during this forum, according to The Guardian.

After years and years of the city allowing problems to wax worse and worse by the day, the city has suddenly made an effort to clean itself up before foreign dignitaries descend on the city.

Several local news outlets have highlighted the city’s rapid actions to clean up the city and remove the evidence of the homelessness problem. But where have the homeless been taken? That’s a question no one is talking about.

The Los Angeles Times wrote in an article explaining a broad overview of the cleanup efforts:

“Fresh paint. Street cleanings. Homeless sweeps. Colorful art. Workers like Jacobs beautified the city, days before politicians, executives and journalists from around the world descend on San Francisco for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference. From Saturday to Nov. 17, the international event is expected to bring more than 20,000 people to the city and attract thousands of protesters.”

The global spotlight will shine on a city filled with stark contrasts — home to billion-dollar tech companies and streets lined with homeless encampments.


The Gateway Pundit reports that little Melody Rain Palombi-Malmgren, a 15-month-old baby girl, tragically passed away two days after receiving routine vaccinations. Her mother, Katherine Palombi, recalls the shock and sorrow of losing a child who was the epitome of joy and health.

On October 17, during a routine 15-month well-visit at the Herbert Kania Pediatric Group in Warwick, New York, Melody received three vaccines, News12 Westchester reported.


Just two days later, she suddenly stopped breathing and suffered cardiac arrest despite exhibiting no warning signs.

Her grandmother, caring for her at the time, was instructed by 911 operators to perform CPR until the arrival of paramedics. Despite exhaustive lifesaving efforts at St. Anthony’s Hospital, Melody’s life couldn’t be saved.

Katherine Palombi recounts the devastating day, describing her last goodbye to Melody before leaving for work, and the harrowing call she received about her daughter’s breathing troubles.

“I just kept saying, she just had vaccines, she just had vaccines,” Palombi repeatedly thought, highlighting her immediate concern linking the vaccines to her daughter’s critical condition.

Hospital records revealed that Melody suffered liver and kidney failure, along with cardiac arrest. The Herbert Kania Pediatric Group declined to comment on the case. The CDC notes that up to 10 vaccines are recommended for 15-month-olds; Melody had received three – one for chickenpox, one for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, and another for Hib (an influenzae type B bacteria).

Melody had been hospitalized once before with a high fever and body rash after vaccinations at 2 months old. Physicians at the time speculated it was likely a virus, not an allergic reaction. However, Palombi believes that the vaccines were too much for her daughter’s body in both instances.

As the medical community and the family await Melody’s autopsy results, Katherine Palombi’s message is one of awareness and maternal instinct.

Palombi told News12:

“Trust your gut and don’t let them push anything on to your children that you don’t want to do. I just want to spread awareness in Melody’s name. Maybe she can save other children.”


The Daily Mail reports that Hollywood producer Kevin Turen, who worked on television shows including Euphoria and The Idol, has died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 44. 

The producer's father Edward Turen, confirmed his son's death in a statement on Sunday night, but his cause of death has not yet been revealed. 

Edward Turen said in his statement to Deadline:

“Kevin was so incredibly special; this world is going to be less without him.”

Turen, who was said to have had a photographic memory and could remember every frame of film he'd ever watched, is survived by his wife of 11 years and their children.


The latest excuse from the establishment for the skyrocketing rates of heart attack and stroke is a real doozy.

A new study, if you believe it, links the surge in cardiovascular deaths to warming temperatures, which apparently hurt people who are black and old at disproportionately higher rates than other demographics.

Instead of addressing the elephant in the room – the Covid vaccines – the paper instead talks a whole lot about the weather and “greenhouses gas emissions” as being responsible for about 5,500 excess cardiovascular deaths every year.

I kid you not. The weather is causing people to drop dead of heart attacks.

Even if the United States adopts many of the extreme global-warming policies being pushed by globalists at the UN and WEF, it will only trim about 1,200 excess deaths off that figure, still leaving 4,300 excess deaths per year due to weather-related heart problems, the study insists.

According to the researchers involved with the study, everyone except white people have the highest risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke due to bad weather, which means something has to be done to give them special treatment.

So now they have constructed a false racial argument to prove a false climate-change narrative. Should we be surprised?


Slay News reports that Steve Ells, the founder of the Chipotle restaurant chain, has unveiled his plans to go ultra techno-woke.

Ells announced he will soon be opening a new meat-free restaurant chain called Kernel.

And Kernel will be mostly free of those annoying humans. The chain will be run predominantly by robots.

Kernel’s first location will open in Manhattan next year with more restaurants to be introduced across the country.

It features meat-free sandwiches, salads, and sides.

However, all of the food will be cooked, assembled, and served by robots, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Ells is opting to stay away from fake meat products such as Bill Gates’ lab-grown meat.

Instead, Kernal will mostly serve legumes and other vegetables.

About his signature veggie burger, Ells said:

“It’s not trying to be beef. It’s not trying to be pork.”

Ells explains that customers place their orders via a touchscreen.

Robots will then receive the order and insert food into ovens, flip buns on the toaster, and move dishes through the kitchen.

Only three employees will staff the restaurant at a time.

This is a good thing, according to Ells.

The human staff members’ primary task will be packaging completed meals and inserting them into cubbies where customers can pick them up.

It is unclear whether employees will also be responsible for maintaining the machines.

“We’ve taken a lot of human interaction out of the process and left just enough,” Ells said.

Yet, as Slay News notes, critics may argue that his new business is the next step in pushing a globalist corporate communist agenda.

Unelected organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) have long sought to abolish capitalism and usher in a so-called fourth industrial revolution, where humans are largely replaced by machines and even the human species itself is forever changed into “humanity 2.0” through DNA-altering treatments and injections along with brain implants and other “human augmentations.”

Slay News concludes:

“The WEF’s agenda would create a world where the prevalence of technology relegates many humans to a state of serfdom. In addition to a world in which the majority of humans ‘own nothing,’ the WEF has long pushed for its utopia to be meat-free.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

A new poll shows that 72% of American voters would not be willing to volunteer to fight for their country if the United States faced a major conflict.

According to Newsweek, the poll of 1,029 likely voters in the United States, conducted by Echelon Insights, a research institute, showed that the overwhelming majority of U.S. adults would not be willing to serve in the United States military if the country faced a major war.

The Echelon Insights poll obtained by Newsweek was conducted October 23-26, following the brutal Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel on October 7, which have led to concerns regarding the potential for escalated conflict in the Middle East and fears that the United States could be entangled in another large-scale war lasting years in duration.

While 72% of voters indicated they would not be willing to volunteer to serve in the U.S. military in the face of a major conflict, 21% said they would be willing to volunteer to fight for their country. Another 7% said they were not sure whether they would fight.

Tom Shugart, a former Navy attack submarine commander and a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, told Newsweek that the recent poll results require additional context.

He said,

“I’m very skeptical of that being accurate because I think the ‘why’ you’re in a war can dramatically change the answer to that question. I was in the military before 9/11; a lot of society didn’t really think about the military very much before then.”

David Eustice, CEO of Military Recruiting Experts, told Newsweek that an overview of American history shows that U.S. citizens need to be convinced to get into a war. He contrasted how Americans required a reason to support the Vietnam War, while the Afghanistan War “was immediate and had wide support because something happened to our country.”

Something happened to our country. In other words, if America is perceived to be under attack, feelings can change and change quickly, especially if it’s a high-profile attack like 9/11. Imagine if radiological truck bombs were set off in several major U.S. cities simultaneously or within days of each other. Then the U.S. media propaganda machine kicks into high gear.

If an attack of that magnitude or worse took place, I believe a segment of the population would be rushing to sign up for the military. That’s what happened after 9/11.

This is why many of us believe America is in grave danger of a false-flag attack under the current conditions. We have a government that has displayed a great thirst for war while our people have not. That’s a dangerous situation to be in for any country because it makes the country vulnerable to a false flag attack.

All I can say is, it wouldn’t be the first time the U.S. government used a false flag attack to draw the country into a war. The Gulf of Tonkin incident led to an expanded U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Many believe 9/11 was allowed to happen and the evidence for that is formidable. There is also evidence to suggest the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was not the big surprise Americans were told it was.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and thanks for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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