Gordon Chang: China Placing Saboteurs In U.S. with 1000% Spike in Chinese Nationals Flooding Over Border


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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is Gordon Chang. Mr. Chang, welcome back to the broadcast. Sorry, we're running a little behind tonight. I appreciate your being with us.

Gordon Chang: Well, thank you so much, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: I reported in my news report tonight again, an ongoing 1,000% spike in military-age males coming from China. This just will not go away. The numbers also do not seem to be dropping. Do you have any new information on that?

Gordon Chang: Well, Michael Yon, the great war correspondent who has been down at the Darien Gap, has been the one who's been leading the reporting around the world on this. And there are more evidence of links with these migrants to the Communist Party, direct links. You know, right now it's still very sketchy, but we have to be extremely concerned. And what has to happen is the government has got to start looking at these individuals and denying them entry into the United States or apprehending them and sending them to federal penitentiaries. But clearly, right now, the Biden administration is not interested in this at all. So we are being left undefended, which means every community is going to have to protect itself.

Brannon Howse: So the timing is interesting, right? I mean, it's almost as though they're getting a military force inside the country before full kinetic war breaks out.

Gordon Chang: Yeah, These are we have to be concerned that these are China's shock troops that either are connected to the Chinese military or connected to the Ministry of State security. And when these people come in and they pretend not to speak English, that is a real concern. So Brannon and I don't know what to say except that the Biden administration is confronted with a real and immediate national security threat and is not paying any attention to it at all.

Brannon Howse: In the news has been quite a bit since our last visit here on the show. China and Saudi Arabia. Tell me about that relationship. Of course, China and Russia are getting closer and tighter. Saudi Arabia and Russia are getting tighter and closer. But China and Saudi Arabia, how do you see this fitting into the whole BRICs banking system, adding Saudi Arabia, getting Saudi Arabia and OPEC to dump the dollar as the world reserve currency and have this economic war on America to weaken us and bring us down, maybe never having to fire a shot?

Gordon Chang: Yeah. The last 2 or 3 days there was this large conference in Riyadh, Arab China Business Conference. They signed up a lot of deals. Now, those deals may never materialize. But the point is, at a time when the Chinese economy needs a lot of cash, it's possible that the kingdom and other countries in the Gulf are going to be supplying it to China. This is, of course, not something that we should be wanting at this particular time because China could very well disappear on its own, which would be very good news for us. The economic news out of China over the last 2 or 3 days has really been dismal. And a reaction to that, the central bank has been dropping interest rates. They're. Nonetheless, though, China is still trying to attack the dollar. As you point out, it is working on a BRIC currency and it is getting the Gulf countries together. And the other thing that is really moving, this is not so much what China or Saudi Arabia is doing, but what the Biden administration is doing about trying to end up with a new nuke deal with Tehran that is enraging the kingdom and it's enraging the Gulf countries, and they means it's further distancing them from the United States. So this is another self-wounding exercise by the part of the Biden administration to try to accommodate a sworn enemy of the United States. Tehran, which is now, after all, the proxy of another sworn enemy of the United States, which is China.

Brannon Howse: What do you make of Bill Gates and his writing to China?

Gordon Chang: This is interesting, not so much for Bill Gates himself, but how Xi Jinping is going to use him. I mean, Xi Jinping is going to meet Bill Gates. The question is Will. Antony Blinken, our secretary of state, meet Xi Jinping. And if he doesn't, that will be disrespect to the US. So, you know, Bill Gates would always, like any other corporate chieftain, would like to meet with the leader of China. But really here. Gates is being used, I think, in a power play regarding Blinken. Just my guess. But I don't believe in coincidences. And two those two visits by Bill Gates and Antony Blinken are much too close together for comfort.

Brannon Howse: How much has do you believe how much has China penetrated the Biden regime, the Biden administration? We have Anita Dunn on video saying two of her favorite philosophers, as I'm sure you've heard and seen the clip a few years ago, several years ago, her two favorite philosophers, philosophers, Mao and Mother Teresa. How much is the ideology of Mao permeating within the circle around Biden at his State Department, at his DOJ, at the FBI, and at the CIA? And I and I say that also with the idea and the understanding that many of these people that have penetrated these government bureaucracies were rather friendly in the 60s and 70s to the Weather Underground, which we know from their 1974, I believe it was Weather Underground manifesto, Prairie Fire Boy, they were praising China and Mao up one wall and down the other. And so when you take these folks and you have them penetrate our government as civil servants that stay from one administration to another, it almost makes me fear something like Czechoslovakia and there, what was it, 1948 velvet glove revolution, where they stacked the bureaucracy with so many communists that they didn't even have to fire a shot to take over. And I think some members of Congress were warning on the floor of the House or the Senate that this would be the communist model for all of all over the world. Just put all these communist sympathizers into the civil service positions and they'll be able to run the deep state, if you will.

Gordon Chang: Well, some of them, you know, is, as you say, I mean, they're they're Chinese communist sympathizers. They're Maoists. They're diehard leftists. But, you know, for most people in the Biden administration, they're not. But the question is, does it matter? Because the president of the United States and his family have had these troubling relationships with China and it's the president who determines American foreign policy. So, you know, the rot starts at the top or as the Chinese say, a fish rots from the head. And that's exactly where we are today. You know, as Robert Gates said, you know, and this is a lot of people talk about corruption and a lot of people talk about the Biden administration being blackmailed. But, you know, as Robert Gates famously wrote in his 2014 memoir, Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy and national security matter over the past four decades. So it doesn't really matter in the sense that you know, whether he's corrupted or not. He's going to be wrong on his own and he's wrong on China from the top to the bottom.

Brannon Howse: What's the latest on China and Taiwan? Taiwan, Taiwan?

Gordon Chang: There was about four days ago, there was an big incursion by Chinese planes across the median line. The median line runs down the middle of the Taiwan Strait and has been the unofficial boundary between Taiwan and China for decades. China now doesn't recognize the median line. And so we've had these incursions periodically for the last couple of years. So there's just more of the same. And I think what they're trying to do is to desensitize us to these large incursions and a certain extent, they've been successful in that regard. You know, one there are a lot of different interpretations of what the Chinese are doing. That's mine. A number of other people just say that they're the Chinese are huffing and puffing because they can't do anything else. I mean, I'd like to believe that that's true, but I'm not as much of an optimist as to be able to say that. I think that China is getting ready to see that when they see a moment of opportunity, they will strike. I'm not saying they will, but I think that that's very much in the front of their minds, because we have seen, for instance, in China, Xi Jinping starting to purge the Chinese military of officers who are opposed to war. And that's a very bad sign.

Brannon Howse: How do the leaders in China. Interpret what happened at the White House three days ago. With the LGBTQ flag flying from the White House balcony, the transgender showing up, Biden praising the transgenders, including children, and then a transgender dude with breast implants ripping his top off. That went viral everywhere. What do you think China and Russia think when they see that? Are China and Russia and maybe China are both? Are they thinking we're accomplishing our objectives? In other words. Is there any chance China and some of these groups are influencing this cultural Marxism to bring down America? And so they look at it not in shock, but in we're accomplishing our goals? Or are we doing this to ourselves without their help?

Gordon Chang: I think that we have some well, first of all, the Biden administration is doing it without their help. But China is helping and it's helping through TikTok, for instance. So there is that. For the most part, China's been quiet about the incident on the South Lawn. Um, but China's taking advantage of this because, for instance, at that big investment and business conference in Riyadh that I mentioned, um, those countries, although they are normally friendly to the United States, don't want to deal with us anymore because they don't want to be pressured on Lgbtq+ matters. And so American diplomats are finally finding that in conservative countries like you see in the in the Persian Gulf region, that we're just being shut out and we're doing this to ourselves.

Brannon Howse: I've been reading it since it came out yesterday, the Halderman report. I don't know if you know about the Halderman report, but for three years, two and a half years, we've been waiting and wanting this. It was being held by a federal judge by the last name of Totenberg, I think, the sister of Nina Totenberg from NPR. This is by the very esteemed computer expert Alex Halderman, who's testified before Congress on national security issues related to the machines. It's a 95-page report. I've been going through it. I went through it tonight for an hour on the Lindell Report, sitting in for Mike Lindell. And he's saying that these machines, he's talking about a particular company, that all their machines are being used in Georgia. But he's saying these machines are vulnerable to being hacked even when they think they're secure. They're not the ways that they think they're securing them. They're not they think they could detect the hacking. They cannot They can do it and not even be detected. And he says that we have to not only worry about national, you know, domestic hackers, but foreign countries. He particularly mentions Russia, Iran, China, as mentioned once, I think is China interested in trying to use technology to disrupt our elections. As the director of national intelligence warned in his memo on January 7th of 2021.

Gordon Chang: John Ratcliffe Yeah, I think that they are. We don't have evidence of China hacking US voting systems, but we do have a lot of evidence of China messing in South Korea's national election two years ago. They South Korea has a very interesting this was for the 300 seats in the national assembly, which is their unicameral legislature. And there is substantial evidence that China, along with the then government of South Korea, of Moon Jae In, who is no longer president, conspired together to develop algorithms to take advantage of South Korea's three-day election system. And it's fascinating how they did it. So we know that they've done it in one country. We don't have evidence of it in the US. But you know, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that if you've got a voting machine connected to the Internet, that one way or another it can be hacked, it can be hacked by a foreign power, it can be hacked by kid sitting in his room. And so why don't we go back to paper ballots? This is what Taiwan does. Taiwan has nearly fraud-proof elections, and they do it with paper ballots and the ballots are counted in front of everybody so that everybody has a tally. This is a very good system that they have. It's very low-tech, and maybe takes a little bit longer than ours, but it eliminates most of the possibilities for fraud.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. And that's and that's what Professor Alex Halderman. That's what he says. We got a paper ballot. Paper ballot. He keeps talking about that. I absolutely agree. Gordon chang.com. Gordon chang.com. Always great to have you with us. Sorry, we were running a little behind tonight our power went out here and so we had to power everything back up in the control room and power up 60,000 pieces of equipment, multiple takes a little bit of doing. So we were we came on a little late. We apologize for the delay.

Gordon Chang: No, no, No problem at all. Brannon, I am so appreciative to be able to talk to you and your audience. So thank you for giving me that opportunity.

Brannon Howse: Well, you're welcome. Any time. Where can people follow you? Twitter.

Gordon Chang: Twitter @GordonGChang and I archived my articles for free on my website, which is www.Gordonchang.com.

Brannon Howse: Put it up underneath his name real quick guys. I saw you had it there. Make sure we got it spelled right. Everything looked good. Yep, we got it. Awesome. Thank you, sir.

Gordon Chang: Thanks, Brannon. Stay safe.

Brannon Howse: You too. Say hi to your lovely wife for me. I will. Gordon Chang checking in. Check out his site, folks, and follow him on Twitter. His Twitter handle is Gordon G. Chang. And the reason I put in the G there is because I think there's another Gordon Chang. But this is the one you just heard from. The one you want to follow is Gordon G. Chang So g o r d o n g c h a n g. You can follow him on Twitter as I do. I follow his tweets. And you should as well.

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