Did Children Participate In The Hamas Attack On Israel?

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  • We have new reports leaked from eyewitnesses in Israel that indicate some of those participating in the brutal October 7 attacks were, brace yourselves… children. Yes, some as young as 10 years old.
  • We have a special report on the rising crime waves sweeping America and how they are impacting businesses, schools and communities.
  • And U.S. banks are reporting their customers to police at alarming rates. We’ll tell you why.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Leading off tonight, there’s a new report out of Israel that indicates some of the Hamas atrocities committed on October 7th – the worst atrocities carried out against Jews since the Holocaust – were committed by children, possibly as young as 10 years old.

An investigation by the Washington Free Beacon cited Eran Smilansky, a 28-year-old potato farmer who reported watching Gazan children going from house to house, laughing as Hamas terrorists killed people.

“They were like young, young kids,” Smilansky claims.

He had defended his home from terrorists for more than six hours that day.

“They were going in front of the terrorists, laughing with their friends and looking very calm. I remember thinking, what the f***?”

The Free Beacon reported Smilansky was one the survivors of the Nir Oz massacre who reported witnessing boys or women “from the Gaza Strip” who were looting the kibbutz that day.

The youngest children were around 10 years old, according to several of the survivors, one of whom provided photographs of some of the women and children he saw, the Free Beacon reported.

The report said evidence of that exists in the public domain, as an online video of a 12-year-old Israeli boy's abduction “appears to show a Gazan boy of about the same age accompanying the kidnappers.”

It already had been reported that ordinary Gaza residents “joined in Hamas's bloody rampage across southern Israeli communities.”

The reason isn't complicated, said Michel Milshtein, head of the Palestinian Studies Forum in Tel Aviv.

“Hamas directed the education system, the media, and the religious institutions to brainwash children, who make up half of Gaza's 2.2-million-person population. Israelis got their first up-close look at this Palestinian Gen Z on October 7.”

The report cited other evidence:

Eyal Barad, who hid in a safe room during the attack, had a camera set up outside his home and recorded not just Hamas commandos with automatic weapons, but also ordinary men and women. And at least a dozen children, ages 10-15.

Amotz Bazer, a 52-year-old farm worker, was hiding in his safe room when he heard gunmen push two young boys through a window. They then opened the front door for the terrorists.

“They were not older than 10,” said Bazer.


Economist and author Martin Armstrong reports that crime in America is completely out of control and killing the brick-and-mortar stores.

Since looting is legal in Soros-backed blue cities, countless stores and businesses are fleeing. This is also occurring with the most basic stores, such as pharmacies and grocers. Countless stores have begun locking up their inventory, and shoppers must flag down an associate to purchase low-cost items. They do not even do this in third-world countries as the issue here is psychological. Crime will be the end of brick-and-mortar stores.

One pharmacy in Washington, DC, has resorted to arranging pictures of products on their shelves. One social media user showed that even the toilet paper is missing from the shelves, replaced with a framed picture of the product. The workers at these locations cannot personally shop for each customer, and people are refraining from in-person shopping in general.

Around 70% of the US population shops online, spending an average of $3,428 per year. This figure will likely rise as it is simply not possible to shop in physical stores amid this intense crime wave. Online shopping in the U.S. has increased by 16.2% since 2020, and global online sales are expected to reach $7 trillion in 2024.

In Asia, the shift toward online shopping is due to convenience. It is simply faster and more time-efficient for many to shop online. In the U.S., however, Armstrong says the trend toward online shopping is being fueled by CRIME.

Armstrong writes:

“But brick-and-mortar stores have served a purpose in our society. If I buy a new suit, I want to feel the material and try the clothing on. I do not want to return and reorder items as that eliminates the convenience factor. The troubling thing here is that Americans living in high-crime cities no longer have access to the basic necessities.”

Armstrong predicts that we will see a surge of government-run stores that are guarded and managed by the public sector.

“The globalists will have an easier time turning American cities into 15-minute cities since the city government will already have control over the food supply, and those receiving government aid will be required to shop there.”


A mob of 40 people looted a FedEx truck while it was stopped at a red light in Memphis, Tennessee, around 8:30 pm last Saturday, when a 53-foot trailer was ransacked while it sat in traffic at the intersection of Riverport Road and West Mallory Avenue. 

After the driver reported the theft, the Memphis police arrived and saw vehicles speeding away recklessly along with a number of boxes thrown across the road. 

The truck driver told the police that cars blocked the intersection just before a group of men broke open the sealed back door and looted the trailer. 

Here’s a report from local news outlet Fox 13.



This is the type of lawlessness that Martin Armstrong was talking about. There is no more living safely and quietly in America.

Three men have since been detained after the group caused nearly $10,000 in damages—and stole numerous items such as speakers and cable boxes.


And that’s not all we have to report on the out-of-control crime wave sweeping America.

Police in Philadelphia are looking for five men who stole meat from a refrigerated truck early Wednesday morning in the south quadrant of the city.

The heist happened around 12:30 a.m. on the 700 block of Pattison Avenue.

The tractor-trailer was parked overnight at the Jetro Restaurant supply warehouse lot, across from the sports complex.

The driver was in the cab at the time of the heist.

The driver told detectives that one thief told him “We're only taking a little” then pointed to his hip, possibly gesturing to a weapon.

Fifteen boxes of beef were stolen with an estimated value of $7,660.

Some slabs of beef spilled out and were left behind as the suspects fled in a Ford Explorer.


And we’re still not done, folks. There’s more to report, this time from Northeast Philadelphia.

ABC 6 reports that police are investigating after someone broke into a trailer containing hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of dimes. You heard that right, dimes. Lots of dimes.

The discovery was made around 6 a.m. Thursday in a Walmart parking lot on the 4300 block of Byberry Road.

Police on the scene say an estimated 2 million dimes, worth $200,000, were stolen. That's an increase from an earlier estimate of 1 million dimes.

A total of $750,000 worth of dimes were in the truck, police said.

Dimes were found scattered from the Walmart parking lot.

Action News has learned the truck driver picked up the dimes from the Philadelphia Mint on Wednesday but then went home to get some sleep before a long drive to Florida.

“This is common practice—to pick up a load going to Florida and go home for the night, get to sleep, and get on the road in the morning,” said Capt. Jack Ryan of Northeast Detectives.

The truck driver parked the big rig in the Walmart parking lot. When he came back Thursday morning, he found the trailer door was open.

“They were trying to cross-load the dimes into other things. There are dimes all over the parking lot,” said Ryan.

There are cameras in the parking lot and investigators are working on a suspect description.

One bystander, Jasmine Waters, wondered what the thieves will do with all of those coins. She told ABC 6:

“I feel like if they try to go to the bank and cash it in, they're going to get caught. They'll be like, ‘Well, where did you get all of these dimes from?’”

So there you have it. Electronics pilfered from a FedEx truck in Memphis, a load of meat stolen from a truck in South Philadelphia, and 10,000 pounds of freshly minted U.S. coins stolen from a truck in Northeast Philadelphia.

Just a normal day in America.


And don’t think for a moment that the recent murder of a 17-year-old high school student by a mob of his fellow teenagers isn’t also a symptom of this wave of lawlessness sweeping America.

A 17-year-old high school student named Jonathan Lewis was murdered a couple of weeks ago by a large group of high school students in Las Vegas. The fatal beating started over some stolen items. Lewis was reportedly standing up for a smaller friend who’d been robbed. The entire beating was captured on video.

This week, on Wednesday November 16th, police announced that eight people who were part of the mob attack have been identified, arrested and are now facing murder charges.

All eight suspects are between the ages of 13 and 17, according to officials.

Police suggested there were more arrests to come in the case as soon as the remaining two individuals seen in the video are identified.

The beating took place near Rancho High School. Family members told police that Lewis was brain-dead November 7 at a hospital and that they made plans that day to donate his organs, homicide Lt. Jason Johansson said.

At least two other people believed to have been involved in the attack have not been identified, and the police department Tuesday night planned to circulate video of the pair with the hope someone would recognize them and come forward, Johansson said.

Johansson said the fight was over stolen headphones and possibly a stolen marijuana vape pen that belonged to either Lewis or his friend. The friend had agreed to a fight in the alley after school, he said, but as the parties squared off, Lewis apparently stepped in to defend his friend and was attacked.

It’s still not clear if all of the teens will be tried as adults but at least four of them will be.


Frontline News reports that U.S. banks are reporting their customers to authorities as “suspicious” at an alarming rate, citing a recent New York Times report.

In 2022, banks filled out 1.8 million suspicious activity reports (SARs) and are on track this year to again reach nearly 2 million, a 50% increase from 2021. SARs are submitted to the Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCen), which then distributes the data among government and law enforcement authorities. 

Banks submit SARs for a number of reasons, such as high transaction amounts or wire transactions from high-risk countries, according to Frontline News. Often the concern is about the source of funds or a “transaction with no apparent economic, business or lawful purpose.” 

Other transactions that can trigger a SAR include large cash withdrawals. Since the federal government requires customers to complete a form if they want to withdraw $10,000 or more in cash, banks report customers as suspicious if they withdraw just under that amount.

Frontline reported, again citing the New York Times:

“But most of the time, customers are not notified that a SAR was filed against them — often they simply receive a notice that their account is being closed. Even if they contact the bank to find out why, representatives will not disclose that a SAR has been filed, as banks are not legally required to reveal that information. This has led to an increasing number of families and small businesses unable to pay rent, make payroll, or pay vendors.”

The New York Times failed to mention that another main reason banks close accounts is because they disapprove of their customers’ political views.

In May, 19 Republican attorneys general sent a letter to JPMorgan Chase demanding the institution stop discriminating against “conservatives and religious groups” by “de-banking” their accounts. 

The AGs cited an incident from May 2022 when Chase abruptly closed the account belonging to the National Committee for Religious Freedom (NCRF), a nonprofit aimed at safeguarding freedom for all religions. No transactions had raised any red flags. NCRF made some calls and discovered the decision had come from the corporate office and that a note in their file forbade staff from providing any clarity as to why their account was closed.

Chase eventually told NCRF that it would restore the organization’s account, but only if it divulged its donors, the political candidates it planned to support, and other unnecessary information.


Religiously motivated crimes against Christians in Europe jumped by 44 percent in just one year, according to a new report by a group that monitors Christian persecution globally.

On Thursday, the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe, also known as OIDAC Europe, released its Annual Report for 2022/23, which documents a sharp rise in violent incidents and social hostility against Christians, as well as in vandalism and arson attacks on churches.

The report also underscores legal developments in several European countries that infringe upon the religious freedom of Christians, including hate speech legislation, under which some Christians have been prosecuted for voicing mainstream Christian beliefs in public.

It also notes the elimination of freedom-of-conscience clauses and legislation needed to guarantee parents’ right to educate their children in conformity with their own values and beliefs.



Breitbart News put this report in perspective, calculating that attacks against Christians and their churches have risen 285 percent since 2008.

In 2022, OIDAC Europe documented 748 anti-Christian hate crimes in 30 different countries, ranging from arson attacks, graffiti, desecrations, and thefts to physical attacks, insults, and threats. This figure is evidently low, OIDAC observes, because of the notorious underreporting of such crimes.

From 2021 and 2022, anti-Christian hate crimes increased by 44 percent, from 519 to 748, including arson attacks, which rose from 60 to 105.

There has also been an increasing trend in hate crimes perpetrated by radicalized members of ideological, political, or religious groups that follow an anti-Christian narrative, the report finds. This would include attacks perpetrated against Christians by Muslims.



Breitbart reports that in Sweden earlier this year, a man was beaten half to death while defending his church against an arson attack. One commenter on X responded by stating, “The book of Revelation is coming to life! Jesus is coming soon!”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

We have a follow-up report on the so-called AI Jesus we initially reported on a few months ago.

To those who share and believe the message presented in a video, the new AI Jesus promises great blessings and prosperity in the person’s life “within a few hours.”

If not, the fake Jesus warns the viewer: “If you reject, remember what he said: ‘If you deny me before men, I will deny you before the Father.”

So, the AI Jesus quotes the Bible to defend his status as somehow legitimate. Who else do we know who has done that? If you answered Satan, that would be correct.

More artificial intelligence emulations and bots of Jesus Christ continue to pop up on social media, pushing messages of encouragement, presenting calls to faith, giving short devotions, and promises of prosperity.

For example, as noted by The Winepress News, an AI “Jesus The Preacher” is making the rounds on social media, giving inspirational messages and prayers. This particular AI app allows people to text Jesus and other biblical characters and receive answers back from them.

Yet another Jesus AI bot has been gaining a lot of popularity on TikTok called the “Believer Daily,” which has over 800,000 followers and 9.2 million likes.

The AI Jesus tells the viewers that if they believe in God then they need to share the video with others, and type “I believe.” The video starts by saying that if the viewer skips the video, they don’t have God in their life.

For those who do share it and “believe” the message, the AI Jesus promises great blessings and prosperity in the person’s life “within in a few hours.” 



You can see where this could be dangerous, even devastating to someone’s belief system. Especially a child or teenager who was raised with an iPhone or other device in their hand.

Social media has always been suspect, but with AI, it is truly becoming the devil’s playground. If I could give advice to any young person who may be watching, I would say this: Run from it.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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