Col. John Mills on Why China Might Be Looking to Invade Australia


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Brannon Howse: All right. Joining me now is Colonel John Mills. Colonel, welcome back to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.

John Mills: Brannon Well, welcome back. I haven't seen you since, uh, Miami Beach, uh, uh, a couple of weeks ago. So good to see you.

Brannon Howse: You too, my friend. You too. Well, let's talk about Biden. Biden spills classified information. What has Biden done now? I see he was frustrating King Charles today. King Charles was trying to tell the old fool to quit talking to the to the guard and come on. And that was kind of embarrassing. This guy is just making a fool of himself. But what's new, Right? But what is this about? Biden spills classified information. Wait a minute. Is that the same Joe Biden that spilled the information about the Seal Team six when he was vice president?

John Mills: Yeah. Think we this is called a spill of classified information and these actual the actual numbers one of the things you always classify at the secret or even top secret level is vulnerability and weaknesses in our plan, our platforms and the situation regarding our readiness. So Biden spilled classified information. He should be investigated immediately. What is his revelation and there are really only two I was just looking it up here. There are only two artillery plants that make the one five five millimeter shells. That's at this point in time, that is our largest artillery shell. We used to have the 8 inch or 203-millimeter in army service. Those have all been retired. Taiwan has a number of those. South Korea has a number of those. And I think even Japan has a number of those. They got those from us. But what he revealed was that we're short on ammunition. And this is a dangerous in all seriousness, this is far worse, far worse than whatever DOJ and FBI have rostered as far as the documents they took from took from Mar-A-Lago, because this reveals actual ongoing real and operational weakness of the American defense industrial base, both of our plants, one, a government plant in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and or Scranton. And then there's another one close by in Wilkes Bar. Think it's General Dynamics. So that's the total of where we make one five five millimeter artillery shell. Our biggest at this point, we used to have bigger ones.

John Mills: So this is a very serious matter. And, you know, this is this is the problem. This is part of the sausage making. And inside baseball, it's a presidential authority called excess defense articles, where your staff officers at the J4, that's your logistics element at the Pentagon can go through, scrub the inventories, and then make recommendations on what can be given. But there's there's the J4 and General Milley is the overall chairman of the Joint Chiefs, but his J4 logistics officer is supposed to be giving recommendations. Do not go below the stockage levels. Well, I think what that means is we have gone below those stockage levels and we're telling China, hey, guess what? We're out of artillery, ammunition, or very low. And you've noticed it might have gone over your head. The secretary of defense, Austin has asked both Japan and South Korea. South Korea has large stockpiles, large stockpiles because they have to be ready to go on a moment's notice against North Korea. He says you give us some today and we'll pay you. You give us a hamburger today and we'll pay you back two hamburgers tomorrow or something to that effect. But that right there, that was a couple of months ago. And as soon as I heard that, I said that means we're in trouble. So you have a president spilling, spilling and divulging classified information. And this is a very serious matter. That's what Biden has done.

Brannon Howse: Wow. All right. The other one is related to no state dinner for Yellen. What is that all about, Colonel Mills?

John Mills: Yeah. Can't establish yet, but in the media, I'm not seeing any references to a state dinner. There was a reference that she had a meal with, you know, a deputy premier. Uh, unclear who during her state visit, but she's a secretary of the Treasury. Uh, one of our in the order of precedence, you know, one of the probably at least the top ten in the in the rank order of precedence. And for her to go over there, this is absolutely the routine on international delegations. When you go to another country, the hosting country, it'll be two dinners, one on the host country's menu, and then one, they will give you dinner on your menu. And I've been through this many times. And for this not to happen is a huge insult to Yellen. That is, she's showing up and they're going, Yeah, yeah. We think Chick fil-A down the street in Peking is open. Why don't you go there and get something and somebody will meet with you tomorrow. This is a very serious matter. So if she did not get a state dinner when she was there and, you know, she's probably the old crazy cat lady type of saying, oh, don't, don't, don't worry, don't bother, don't, don't, don't make a fuss out of me. I'm just here. You're the secretary of the Treasury. Come on, Yellen, Start acting like it. I mean, and No. One, you're past your prime. I mean, don't mean to be an ageist, but please know your time when to get off the stage. When you're past your prime, don't embarrass yourself. Yellen. I mean, her jabbering at congressional, uh, congressional testimony is, is not impressive. So so.

Brannon Howse: For her. Yes, we have talked about that. We have talked about the fact she gets asked these questions and she acts like a deer in the headlights, like, I can't believe you. You know, she has no clue. Some of the questions she would be having come at her. She hasn't prepped for any of that. Yeah, I mean, we have commented on that here in the last few weeks. In one of the last interviews I did with Rebecca Walser, we were commenting on how poor she comes off in her congressional testimony. So you're absolutely right.

John Mills: Yeah, it's bad. So at this point. We've talked about this on numerous occasions. She needs three things. He wants to usurp the dollar as the reserve currency. Watch Durban, South Africa in August. And there are the BRICs countries now. Now, Blinken is putting heavy pressure on South Africa to not host and postpone because Putin is actually under an arrest warrant from The Hague, the international tribunal in The Hague. I think Putin is a bad guy. Done lots of bad things. So has Zelensky. Zelensky is corrupt, but okay, so now they're so clever. The adults in the room have now created an arrest warrant. Well, what happens the next time Blinken goes overseas and he gets arrested? I mean, be very careful about this. So Putin has an arrest warrant and they're saying South Africa, do not host this. He has an arrest warrant. If you do, you'll be in violation and we will sanction you. But again, remember, sanctions are, really, really it's all about who is the reserve currency. There's no formal directive instruction on who gets to be the reserve currency. But banks will will honor when they see the king, the big dog in currencies, and that that currency comes to them like Treasury. And Yellen says, hey, I want you to sanction a country. They'll say, okay, yeah, you're the reserve currency. Everybody does transactions. Everybody converts to your currency but Durban, watch out because you also have several other countries.

John Mills: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE are petitioning to join the BRICs. It'll be a subject of discussion. Watch out. So. So he's already it's not going to instantly collapse. But this is the beginning of the demise of the dollar as the reserve currency. So that's one. The second is energy. And with the deals that she has cut with Iran and Saudi Arabia and now the peace treaty, it's supposed to be a treaty that China brokered between those two former very mortal enemies suddenly are friends. Um, I'm not sure how long that's going to last, but now they got a pipeline going from Iran to China. So check now he has currency, and now he has energy. The one thing he doesn't have is food. And this is where I think we're going to revive because you asked me every time is the is the invasion of Taiwan going to occur this year. And I've been saying yes, but I'm beginning to think that they're going to wait and see the Taiwan elections in January because they're going to do everything possible to throw those elections. The challenging party, the old Go Mingdong Chiang Kai-shek party, which is corrupt and in bed with the communist Chinese. They're going to try and throw the election in January. I would suggest they're going to probably wait to see if they can throw this election. But here's what I'm also now concerned about. Are they going to fake toward Taiwan and go to Australia? Australia has the vast farmland and ranchland that China needs, uh, uh, to feed its people.

John Mills: So are they going to fake Taiwan and actually seize Australia? But simultaneously and I'll have a map for you next week, it looks like there is in the South China Seas where they've created these fortified islands. It's often called a bastion, an old military term for a fortification, a fortified area that is safe. And they've been creating a bastion in the South China Sea. The Soviets created a bastion in the, uh, on the Pacific around Vladivostok, and then on the Atlantic at the very top, Murmansk and their naval bases. Those were considered bastions that they defended like crazy to not let the American submarines in, carriers in F-111s, etcetera, it looks like. With their agreement on the currency, they essentially will have a super bastion ranging from the Suez to the second Island chain, and they'll essentially create an America you keep out of this area. This is now Chinese territory. So I'mthinking that they're evolving rapidly to a super bastion where they'll be able to be essentially by force, keep America out. And also, if I was a Chinese planner, I'm going. Hold it. Why am I going to spend all this blood and treasure on Taiwan when first and foremost we need food? And I'm looking at Australia and I'm thinking one thing lunch.

Brannon Howse: Wow, That's that. I don't think I've heard this being discussed by anyone else, which is one reason why we like to have you in Australia. They kind of acted like a bunch of Communist CCP types during the pandemic. So, you know, some of their officials might welcome their comrades to come take over.

John Mills: Well, you know, a fairly large Australian following on Gettr and also on truth. And so it's amazing when I posted that the response that I got from Australia said, yes, we're concerned, we're concerned exactly about that. But you look at now a Biden a stolen the Trump idea of the Aukus arrangement Australia UK, and the US where Australia is going to get a dozen nuclear attack submarines. We're now actually and I'm about to come out with a big article in Epoch Times about the disaster and then of American shipbuilding and then the proposal for new American shipyards. But the Navy is way behind in submarine production, way behind. It's like it's like 40% at this point, 40% behind schedule. So now they're going to give Virginia class subs to Australia, but the submarine fleet won't be ready for ten years. That's plenty of time for China to travel south. There was an episode, one last thing. There was an episode in 2013, I think it was 2013, 2014 when three Chinese ships showed up unannounced off of Sydney and it just freaked Australia out. And it was a message we could come here any time we want to. So. So there you go.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Colonel John Mills that's the name of the book. You see it off there to the side. It's also the website the nation will he'll be one of the keynote speakers at our Ozarks Worldview weekend the 20th annual Ozarks Worldview weekend. Been holding Worldview weekends for 30 years, but this will be our 20th year to hold one in the Ozarks coming up in the middle of October. Full details at General or Colonel. He should be a general, but Colonel Mills will be with us along with Mike Lindell, General Michael Flynn, Todd Bensman, and Rebecca Walser. Let's see. Patrick Wood, Andy Woods, Alex Newman. I mean, it's got quite the lineup It's sold out the last two years. I anticipate it will do that as well this year. For full details and to purchase tickets go to Or you can call that number 901 4689357. Colonel Mills looking forward to seeing you again not only in October, but I think correct me if I'm wrong, we're going to see you at the Election Crime Bureau summit in August in Springfield, Missouri. True or false?

John Mills: That is true. I'll be presenting there on Wednesday and Thursday, both the national picture and then a Virginia picture. What's going on? I just got off a conference call with Mike who was leading his Monday night call. So I just got off that. So that'll be great. Excited about that and really looking forward to it. And I'm going to be at my store, my Pillow warehouse on Friday, and we're going to have a big announcement for next when I'm on with your show next Tuesday. So stand by. It's going to be a great, great promotion and people are going to like it. It'll be available in my store.

Brannon Howse: Excellent. Glad to hear it. The nation will Thank you, Colonel.

John Mills: Thank you, Brannon. Always an honor to be with you. Good to have you back.

Brannon Howse: Good to be back. Thank you, Colonel.

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