California to Fund Surrogacy & "Fertility Equity" for Queer Couples?


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Susan Swift: Oh, it's always such a privilege to be with you, Brannon. Thanks for having me back.

Brannon Howse: Thank you. Sorry, we're running a little behind tonight. Let's go to a great article you've just written. Here we go. Here's one right here. Came out July 9th. Sb Senate Bill 7 to 9 will fund surrogacy, surrogacy, and fertility equity for queer couples. Pray to tell. What does this article explain that just came out yesterday, July 9th over at What does this mean? What is what is fertility equity for queers?

Susan Swift: Oh well, fertility equity means we have to make sure that queer couples, gay men, or lesbians who don't want to engage in normal heterosexual activity can still be able to conceive children. That's the purpose of SB 729. And you have to understand the backdrop. How did we get here? Right? Because that sounds so crazy. We got here this is in California. This is where a lot of bad things begin. You have to remember abortions started in California in 1967. And we just just six months ago, in response to the Dobbs decision that returned the issue of abortion to the states, California did is it doubled down and it said we are going to pass an amendment to our state constitution called Proposition One. And it's a very simple proposition, but it's very, very vague and it's very, very broad. And it simply says the state shall not deny or interfere with an individual's reproductive freedom, which includes abortion, and contraception. Et cetera. Dot, dot, dot. So that was passed by the legislature and it was put onto basically before the voters. The voters approved it, and it became law in California this year. So this now this bill that's coming out of it, SB 729, is one of the many reproductive freedom bills that flow out of this, the lie that we needed to protect abortion rights in California in the first place. California has the most liberal abortion laws anyway. We didn't need Proposition one to make it even better. Right? Or worse, whichever you prefer. But now we're engaged in this kind of crazy. It's like making Franken babies. You know how we have, you know, a lab-made chicken where it's it's called Franken Chicken where they're now developing chicken in a lab that's grown from cells.

Susan Swift: Well, we're approaching that now with SB 729 because we're going to be able to what SB 729 does is it forces private insurance companies, employers insurance to fund basically surrogacy or any kind of artificial reproductive technology or in vitro that any couple wants. Even somebody single, someone who is an incel say, or somebody who just does not want to marry or have any sexual activity and still wants to conceive a child, this bill will now force employers to cover the costs of whatever, you know, treatments they need to be able to conceive a child, which could include down the trail a man, a biological man. It's funny that I have to say it that way, but we know what we're talking about. A biological man who wants to get pregnant and carry his baby to term or perhaps a couple who wants to use a surrogate. Well, at this current point, SB 729 doesn't contemplate paying the surrogate the fee to rent her womb. It'll cover everything else, anything like the medications and the treatments. But it won't pay for renting the womb, for paying for the surrogacy or paying for the artificial womb that you alerted me to months ago. The ecto womb, which is still it's still a theory that's out there that we can create these little ecto pods and plant, you know, fertilized eggs in them and grow people kind of like out of the movie Logan's Run for those of you who might have watched that years ago. But what we're looking at now is a scenario in California where the state is dictating to private insurance companies and saying you're not allowed to make exceptions based on biological status.

Susan Swift: You cannot tell a gay couple or a lesbian couple because you'd be discriminating on their status that you're not going to cover artificial reproductive technologies that will help them conceive and bring a bring a child into the world. That might also include the rental of the surrogacy as well. Because since we're all we're treating people like products. And so now we're going to see, I think, an industry grow up of surrogates, of young women who want to rent their bodies. The state is going to mandate that the insurance company pay for it. And it's only really probably one lawsuit away. All you have to do is allege some sort of discrimination based on your status as LGBTQ plus plus plus, and your employer is going to have to cover not only the medical treatments that are thought of under, you know, SB 729, but also the compensation to the surrogate to rent her womb. So this is how they're going to force. It's not going to come out of the state budget. You understand the California state taxpayer is not going to pay for it directly. It's probably way too expensive. I know the insurance companies are saying it's just it's going to add an incredible amount to all of their policies. But if they're going to pass this, then no one can be discriminated against based on their guess, their fertility status, and their their their choice as to what kind of sexual partners they want.

Brannon Howse: Wow. All right, let's go to the man. All right. Let's go to this next article over at Life A Right to Life Here it is. California's SB three for. Five will aid the human trafficking of children. Tell me how so, please? Susan?

Susan Swift: This bill is incredibly dangerous. What it's going to do. Oh, and by the way, there are only days left in the legislative calendar here in California. Basically, all of these bills have to have been passed through their various committees by July 14th, by Friday. And after that, then the legislature takes a month-long vacation, and then everybody comes back. And these bills that have already been approved in committee just are going to go to the floor and then be voted on out and then go before the governor. So we're very close to having these done. Sb 345 is a massive bill. That is it's an attempt to rewrite constitutional law. Why do I say that? Because what it does is it ignores out-of-state laws that restrict abortion. It specifically carves out and says if a state has issued, say, a subpoena or a warrant for someone in California and the subject matter of the lawsuit or the matter or the or the criminal action in the other state concerns abortion or any other reproductive freedom like transgender surgeries if it concerned anything like that. This bill, SB 345, is going to forbid the state courts from participating with that. So the state court is not going to be issuing a subpoena in California. The bail bondsman will not be able to issue you know, go after people who are out on bail. It goes further in that it repeals some a statute. Well, I think the statute is probably already dead because of Proposition one, which says that every individual now has reproductive freedom, but it repeals a law that is still on the books, that prohibits an abortion from being performed upon an unemancipated minor. That's a child. Okay. Unless she is first given her consent, either you know, her parents have, or maybe through the judicial branch by going to a judge.

Susan Swift: I don't even know if that is still active, but they're making sure these legislators are going through combing through laws like this, and they're making sure that that law will be repealed so that there is no there's no protection for an Unemancipated minor who is perhaps trafficked to be brought into the state across the southern border or from Nevada or Arizona or you name it from Texas and brought here and then have an abortion performed on her. There's nothing to stop that because, again, Proposition One says the state shall not interfere with an individual's reproductive freedom. And the word individual means anyone. It doesn't it's not sensitive to age. So it doesn't mean, well, an adult or somebody who can consent. It means anyone, including a child. So SB 345 is really it's designed to protect abortionists and transgender surgeries. Anyone who is participating in the mutilation of children, or the abuse of children, because can flee to California and they will be safe from any out-of-state actions that are trying to attach their property for a civil to satisfy a civil judgment or for any penal actions that would try to arrest them and bring them back from California, say, to Texas or other states. Sb 345 is trying to declare that California law is the supreme law of the land and that our Constitution and Article Four, the full faith and credit clause of the United States Constitution say that we have to recognize state laws and respect them. That's not going to count, according to California, if this law is passed and remains unchallenged.

Brannon Howse: And becomes the model for the rest of the nation. Oh, wow. Absolutely. Right to Life League. Right to life league. Org right to life Two great articles over there. Go visit them. Share them with family and friends because these are bills that I think need to be defeated because again, they are going to set the example for many other radicals and many other states. Right to Life is always. Susan thank you for keeping us aware of what's going on.

Susan Swift: Thank you so much, Brennan. It's a fight we have to win When when we end abortion in California, we end it nationwide. So thanks for having me.

Brannon Howse: Yes. Thank you. Susan Swift doing great work there.

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