Christian Worldview For Student Volume 2 eBook

Survival Kit for the University of Humanism

Glitzy brochures and slick websites that promote many of our universities don't divulge the all-encompassing secular worldview that slashes God from every equation and consumes ill-prepared students. But collegians today will face many of the:

  1. 67% of professors who approve of homosexuality;
  2. 84% who condone abortion;
  3. 65% who embrace socialist and communist ideals.

The results of four years' exposure to these teachers are staggering. Recent research reveals that 91% of students from evangelical churches no longer believe in absolute moral truth. Even the Southern Baptist Convention found that 88% of young people from SBC homes slip away from the faith before they graduate from college.

The reason?

Most students say they did not learn enough Bible content growing up to enable them to make biblical life decisions, let alone defend a Christian worldview in the face of vicious opposition. This book provides worldview expert and best-selling author Brannon Howse's briefing notes to prepare you for the worldview battle that takes place at the university of humanism-whichever one you attend. You will be ready to contend and not bend on topics like:

  1. Why evil and injustice do not negate the reality of a good God;
  2. Why the Bible can be trusted;
  3. Why Darwinian evolution is a lie;
  4. The liberal myth of "separation of church and state";
  5. The authenticity of Jesus' resurrection;
  6. What the fossil record really reveals;
  7. The myth of global warming;
  8. How dramatically crime would increase if guns were outlawed;
  9. And more!

So take Brannon's notes to heart-and mind. The Christian life you save maybe your own!

Topics covered in this book:

  1. Just Being Sorry Does Not Make You Saved
  2. Secular Humanism is a Religion
  3. Ten Hallmarks of a True Convert of Jesus Christ
  4. Judging Rightly Is Okay
  5. Religion and Law Go Hand in Hand
  6. Good Reason to Believe God Exists
  7. People Aren't Good by Nature
  8. A Racists Founded Planned Parenthood
  9. Doctrine is Not Boring by a Strong Mooring
  10. Education: The Humanist's First Priority
  11. The Deadliest Worldview: Christianity or Secular Humanism?
  12. As Our Founders Intended, Religion Should Be Kept Away from Public Life
  13. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Exists to Protect America's Fundamental Freedoms
  14. The "Separation of Church and State" Is Required by the U.S. Constitution.
  15. At the Heart of Liberty Is the Right of Every Person to Define His or Her Own Meaning of Right and Wrong.
  16. The Myth of Global Warming
  17. Fossil, Fossil, Who's Got the Fossil?
  18. Alfred Kinsey and the Real Source of America's "Sexual Freedom"
  19. Socialism Is the Fairest Possible Economic System
  20. The Secular Left Is "Neutral" and Has No Religious Agenda
  21. State Sponsored Gambling Is Good for the Economy and Harms No One?
  22. Why the Ten Commandments Still Matter
  23. Preying on the National Flock: Lawyers in Judge's Clothing
  24. There Is an Objective Basis for Law
  25. What Sets the Bible Apart?
  26. God's Plan for Good Government
  27. It's the Economy of the Bible, Stupid
  28. Why Not Everyone Goes to Heaven Banner