Christian Worldview for Children eBook

This book is designed for an adult to read it to a child and then discuss the questions at the end of each chapter and close their study with a prayer.

Prepare to Enjoy Your Kids Forever

All Christian parents want to train their children to be “good kids.” But that honorable goal is starkly shallow compared to the eternal purposes God has in mind for your parenting.

The purpose of training is to prepare the soil of our child's heart so they will seek God for themselves and be convicted of their own sinfulness and their need to repent. Compelling a child to “pray a sinner's prayer” will not save them. It will only make false converts if the heart is not prepared for God's presence.

The Bible mentions the heart 826 times. “Heart” refers to the core of a person's being. From the heart proceed our good and bad thoughts, emotions and behavior. What we teach our children can determine whether that soil is prepared to produce good or evil.

Nothing is more important than seeding deep within the heart and mind of a child core Christian convictions like Jesus is God; The reasons we know Jesus Christ rose from the dead, why we should be convinced the Bible is a true and accurate revelation from beginning to end and the absolute truth that Jesus is the only way to God. Unless our children know these and other key doctrines revealed in the Bible, they will not be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Although the word “doctrine” sometimes intimidates people, it is nothing more than a description of the will of God and the Gospel. If we have not trained the hearts and minds of our children to love sound teachings then we should not be surprised when three-fourths of them eventually walk away from the faith in college.

You don't have time to waste. Read and re-read this book to your child, and the training you provide will last for an eternity.


The number one book that i recommend to parents whowant to raise Godly children is the Bible. however, i amalways on the lookout for resources to help me be a more effectiveand successful Christian parent to my three is imperative that any book i read is deeply grounded in theWord of God, and it is because of this that i encourage you toread and re-read with your young ones Christian Worldview forChildren. Brannon howse's book fills a serious void and is aninvaluable tool that will assist you to train the heart and mindof a child in the central Christian doctrines upon which theycan build their own faith and life.

As you may know, i "grew up" on television as d. J. tanner,the oldest daughter on the tv sitcom Full House. While stillan early elementary-age child, i had to memorize my lines foran episode and then, just a few days later, memorize an entirelynew script. i read and memorized thousands of pages. i alsohad to be on time, sit quietly for long periods waiting for myturn to be on camera, make dozens of public appearances eachyear, be sharp for media interviews and do my schoolwork. iwas doing the job of an adult even though just a child. onereason i was successful as a young actress is because i lovedthe challenge.

Perhaps you have heard it said that kids are like sponges?Based on my experience, it is true. often children can memorizeand recall information faster than adults. ask any elementaryschool boy who is a sports fan, and let him tell you abouthis favorite hockey team or baseball player. You'll feel the passion as the information spills forth. i've listened to a child presentfacts about this spider, that snake, or some other bug-alllearned from watching Animal Planet. so why don't we expectmore of our kids when it comes to their Biblical knowledge?

Most children truly like to be challenged and will get excitedabout the things which excite us. as a Christian parent,i know one of the most important things i can do is sharewith my children an excitement for and commitment to Biblicaltruth. By teaching essentials of our faith to my children, i preparetheir hearts to seek God. Christian Worldview for Children ishelping my husband and me accomplish this goal.

What could be more important than placing in the heartand mind of a child a deep conviction that Jesus Christ is God,that there are good reasons to believe he rose from the dead,that the Bible is a true and accurate revelation from beginningto end, that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,that salvation is found only in and through Jesus Christ, thatthere is absolute truth for all time, people, and places? thereare far too many deceptive worldviews vying for the heart andmind of your child, and only by training your child in Biblicaltruth will he or she be quick to reject the lies of the false worldviewsthat otherwise lead to destruction.

Teaching to the heart is vital if we want to grow up childrenwho passionately seek and follow God. What Christian parentdoes not want that?

Thanks, Brannon, for writing this book, and thank you,Christian adult, for reading it to a child.

-Candace Cameron Bure Banner