Building a Biblical Worldview Verse by Verse eBook

Verses are from the New King James

For ages 8 to adult.

Catechism is a great idea—kind of.
Being exposed to central doctrines of the Christian faith is the great part.What’s not so great is wading through man made verbiage that often seems to hide as much truth as it explains. Now Building a Christian Worldview Verse by Verse handles that quandary by answering 52 core questions about the Faith with specific scriptures to explain doctrinal truths—word-for-word from the Bible itself.

This handy and helpful book works either as a highly organized Scripture memory tool or a family devotional with depth. If you choose the memorization route, your children will remember a scriptural truth for every week of the year. If you use Building a Christian Worldview for family devotions, you’ll all wind up with a deeper appreciation for why we believe what we believe.

The pages are designed to facilitate speedy memorization: each question and the scriptural answer is “writ large” on a single page. And when an expanded explanation is needed, you’ll find it on the page following.The friendly layout makes it easy to enjoy this refreshing way to train kids in core Christian beliefs.

Best of all, the knowledge you and your family will gain from Building a Christian Worldview Verse by Verse won’t just “sit on the shelf.” Each worldview question digs into a core Christian doctrine, and taken together, they construct a clear picture of how to apply Biblical truth to every issue and action in life.

Some of the questions in this book that are backed up with a Bible verse include:

  1. Who created the universe?
  2. Why is there evil in the world?
  3. For what primary purpose was man created?
  4. Apart from salvation through Jesus Christ, what is the end result of our sin?
  5. What is God?
  6. What is sin?
  7. Why did Jesus Christ have to die for our sins?
  8. Who has sinned?
  9. Can a person be saved by keeping the Ten Commandants or the moral law?
  10. Why was Jesus Christ willing to die for us?
  11. What does every person deserve for their sins?
  12. What is the result of Godly sorrow?
  13. What role does the heart and mind play in salvation?
  14. When Jesus sent out the disciples two by two what did they go and do?
  15. What is the fear of the Lord?
  16. What does the Bible say about the person that does not believe in God?
  17. Why is it important to think Biblically?
  18. What should be the standard for our thought life and entertainment?
  19. Where did the Scriptures come from and for what do they prepare us?
  20. What three adjectives describe Jesus Christ?
  21. Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ so important?
  22. What happens to the person that rejects God over and over?
  23. What did Jesus say was the first and great commandment?
  24. What are we to do with every thought?
  25. What is the purpose of civil government?
  26. What does the Bible say about self-defense?
  27. What does the Bible say about civil disobedience?
  28. What does the Bible say about the importance of electing Godly leaders?
  29. What does the Bible say concerning a nation’s laws?
  30. What is a Christians responsibility concerning money and wealth?
  31. In what are Christians to place their confidence?
  32. What is God’s warning concerning being deceived and cheated?
  33. How does a Christian participate in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and what is the result of doing so?
  34. Who are Christians to imitate or look to as their role-model?
  35. From where does every good gift come from?
  36. What does Satan desire to do to every person?
  37. What does the Bible say about being lazy?
  38. What does the Bible say concerning gambling?
  39. Contrast the person that gains wealth over time through hard work against the person that strives to get rich quick?
  40. What does God desire for the wicked?
  41. What seven things does the Lord hate?
  42. Why should we not be surprised or deterred with the world makes fun of our worldview and faith in Jesus Christ?
  43. How should Christians Live?
  44. What should Christians do when they have a problem or experience anxiety? Banner