The Coming Religious Reich Audio Book

Behind the scenes, as Brannon Howse points out in this stunning book, Satan oversees a worldwide assembly of unthinkable forces trying to capture the hearts of any men and women unaware of his sinister tactics. Politics alone will not seduce the world to follow his leaders. Neither will economics by itself. This time, the enemy of God and man is bringing together what history shows to be the most powerful of all influences: the religions of everyone on the planet.

Over the past century, postmodernism has beguiled the world and conditioned people across the globe to embrace pagan spirituality and reject reason, logic, and absolute truth. Manipulating populations through education, environmentalism, economics, and ecumenicalism will culminate in a global empire that brings oppression on a scale never before seen. The world religious Reich is the final chapter of sinful man’s history before God intervenes and crushes this Satan-inspired system. 

Although we may not all live to see the end game, we’re already living in the transformation to what will be. That’s why Brannon wants you to know how to hold fast the true gospel, stand firm in the face of whatever persecution may come, and perhaps even stem the tide in your part of the world. From humanists and New Agers to Roman Catholics, Mormons, and opportunistic evangelicals, Brannon details the people, events, and trends that few recognize are eliminating personal freedom and eradicating Western culture. He shares a wealth of biblical and historical research, so you can discern the spread of a world Reich the Bible predicted ages ago. 

With this book, you will “understand the times” and know how to share a truly Christian worldview with those being swept toward the next Reich.

Religion is becoming the driving force behind political and economic structures of the most demonic world empire in history. As Brannon Howse demonstrates in The Coming Religious Reich, a one-world, ecumenical, religious system is in the works. It will foster a global consensus around a worldwide socialistic economy and tyrannical government. 

In the two previous books in his trilogy of warnings about the developing one-world system, Brannon first explained the grave influence of radical change agents who infiltrated the global education system to corrupt the worldview of the past several generations. Then he revealed a religious “Trojan horse” that crept into modern-day evangelicalism to set the stage for the Antichrist. Now, Brannon shows where we are on the path to worldwide totalitarianism and who the key players are. 

This is no conspiracy theory. Scripture details the facts, worldviews, key participants, nations, and the events that are at work. 

Pretense has given way to overt activism, and many seemingly respectable leaders—both past and present—shamelessly promote their demonically-inspired goals through books, speeches, white-papers, and interviews. The people and groups at work to bring about a one-world system include Pope Francis and the Vatican, Tony Blair and his Faith Foundation, The European Union, Word of Faith false teachers, compromised pro-family organizations, The International Monetary Fund, The Bank for International Settlements, and—of course—the United Nations, to name a few. You’ll shake your head as you read of their brazen plans to dominate all of us.

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