Worldview Weekend 2nd Hour for 02-11-13

Worldview Weekend 2nd Hour for 02-11-13. Brannon’s guest is Usama Dakdok. Usama was born and raised in Egypt and came to America to attend seminary and stayed in America to warn American Christians of the threat and dangers of Islam. Topic: Hear the audio of CIA Nominee John Brennan praising Islam. Topic: Hear the audio of CIA Nominee John Brennan proclaiming that Jihad is a legitimate tenant of Islam. Topic: Hear the numerous news reports of how Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Obama Administration, including the Department of Homeland Security. Topic: CIA hosts training by Muslim Brotherhood leader and Hamas Supporter. Topic: Hear the audio of U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas stating that he believes the Obama Administration is complicit in supporting the terrorist organization Hamas. Topic: Obama is trying to take firearms away from the American people while he arms the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with tanks and aircraft. Topic: Usama describes how he has been warning of Obama’s worldview since he was a U.S. Senator. Topic: Judicial Watch says that the Obama Administration is covertly recruiting Muslims as diplomats. Topic: Are American’s converting to Islam and if so why? Topic: How are young people being converted to Islam? Topic: The infiltration of Islam should make Christians more committed to the proclamation of the gospel which is the chief weapon against Islam.

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