Worldview Report Audio Only: May 2, 2022

Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

Is the federal government getting worried that it may be losing the information war being waged against the American people, to the extent that it now feels the need to create a whole new sub-agency to investigate Americans who it says are guilty of spreading “misinformation?”

It certainly seems that way.

Why else would Joe Biden do something as desperate as to create an official government censorship board to attack the ideas and opinions that his administration finds threatening to its power structure?

Many conservatives are referring to the new Disinformation Governance Board created within the Department of Homeland Security, as the new Ministry of Truth, which was the name of the government propaganda office in George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984.

In that novel the Ministry of Truth was the government agency responsible for policing the people’s thoughts. If you committed a thought crime, you got arrested and thrown in jail, often never to be seen or heard from again. You just disappeared.


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