Mike Gendron: October 6, 2014

Mike is traveling to Israel and so for this week's program we are playing the interview that Brannon Howse recently conducted with Mike on Brannon's program. Topic: Another troubling film is coming out called “Let the Lion Roar.” The promotional materials speaks of a demonic conspiracy that wove false beliefs into the fabric of the church—lies they say that are keeping the church from fulfilling God’s purpose. You will hear some very instructive audio clips in this program. This film is endorsed by and includes a cast of troubling New Apostolic Reformation proponents including those that call themselves prophets. The film has messages that include Sid Roth saying that the reformation accomplished nothing as well as the message that the reformers that translated the Word of God took out the word Israel or references to Israel and replaced it with the word church because of the anti-Semitism of the reformers. While Martin Luther did make anti-Semitic comments in his writings, this is not to say that all the reformers were promoting anti-Semitism. The idea that the reformers changed the Bible is not only an attack on them but an attack on the Bible. However, this claim by those behind this film cannot be defended as we have manuscripts that date back centuries before the Reformation and they reflect the correct use of the word church. The film seems to be a promotion for the Hebrew Roots Movement. Mike Gendron explains why the Hebrew Roots Movement is not Biblical. A caller that claims to follow the Hebrew Roots Movement calls in to argue with Brannon and the conversation because very interesting and seems to make the point Brannon and Mike are warning about.

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