John Whitcomb: June 22, 2020

We focus our attention on Christ as “Alpha and Omega” once again this week on “Encounter God’s Truth”—also applying that reality in ways that will help us serve Him in these distressing times.

Host Wayne Shepherd guides us in listening to portions of three different presentations that were given by Dr. John Whitcomb. Together, they offer a brilliant demonstration of the fact that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end.

First, we consider the outworking of our faith in Christ as “Alpha and Omega” by studying the strategy offered in 2 Timothy 2, by which we endeavor to teach the entirety of Scripture to the whole world.

Next, we hear questions that were posed to Dr. Whitcomb on both creationism and prophecy, followed by an exhortation that will motivate us to serve the Lord at this crucial hour.

With thanks to Victory Baptist Church in Whiteland, Indiana, and Prairie Baptist Church in Noblesville, Indiana, for portions of this audio, we offer this broadcast with prayers that many will hear and share its gospel message.

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