John Loeffler: February 15, 2021

How does the globalist Great Reset relate to the recent World Economic Forum?  John welcomes back long-time friend of the show, researcher and writer Carl Teichrib, who attended the Forum a couple of weeks ago.  He looks at common buzzwords like sustainability, worldwide unity, and peace through global government, while also explaining the meaning of stakeholder capitalism.  Religious groups are joining the fray as well, making way for what he calls a new gospel for the earth.  Just exactly what are we resetting to?

With a return to liberal power in the United States, what does the future of the Second Amendment look like?  Joining us is Michael Hammond, Legislative Counsel for Gun Owners of America.  His organization has been successful in pushing back against red flag laws and other legislation antithetical to the Second Amendment.  The key to staying successful, he states, is keeping the filibuster.  

After John explains the leftist attack of the comma-buts, he welcomes retired engineer John Green to the show to discuss the politicization of the court system in America.  It was set up to be free of politics so that justice could be blind, but now the blindfold been thrown away.  Activist judges are finding things in the Constitution that weren’t written there and are legislating from the bench to avoid the amendment process.  Can we get back to a judicial level playing field?

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