Crosstalk: May 13, 2021


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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, a transformation of the world has taken place.  Businesses in America were forced to close their doors as the government determined who was “essential” and who wasn’t.  Schools were closed, relationships have been challenged, surgeries deemed “nonessential” were prohibited and more.

It’s not just the secular world that’s been impacted.  The church has had to adjust as well.  Many churches were closed, ministries were forced to shut down and pastoral visits to the sick, lonely and those in need were forbidden.

How this has impacted the church and how they’ve responded was the topic, as Ben Everson joined Jim for this important discussion.  Ben is an international evangelist known for his a cappella singing and writing music.  He’s been traveling in revival ministry for 25 years along with his family.  He was one of the first conservative Christian musicians to take advantage of YouTube and maintains an active ministry through writing books, online ministry and traveling to preach for local churches.

Ben began by addressing the issue of faith vs. fear as it pertains to the pandemic.  He’s seen where some churches have pulled together and are operating by faith and coming up with creative ideas to serve others.  Other churches are acting out of fear and just reacting to everything.

More specifically, Ben said the reactions fall into two categories: knitting and knotting.  In a higher percentage of cases, Ben has seen that the pandemic has been knitting congregations together in what he more accurately described as a concern for each other. 

As Ben continued sharing his experiences, the program touched on the following:

  • The need for grace for pastors in the midst of the pandemic.
  • What is “Caesar’s” and what is God’s as we travel through the pandemic?
  • How is the church responding to the issue of socialism?

Hear the rest, including what listeners had to say, on this edition of Crosstalk. 

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