Crosstalk: January 18, 2021

Jim had items to share related to the impeachment of the president, the Capitol siege, changes to come from President-elect Biden and much more.  For example:  

–President-elect Joe Biden announced a 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus plan to address the ongoing virus pandemic in the U.S.

–President-elect Joe Biden promises that on his first day of office he will issue an order requiring all schools that receive federal funding to let transgenders play on the sports teams and use the rest rooms/locker rooms that accord with their gender identity.

–Congressman Jim Jordan spoke on the floor of the House against the second effort to impeach President Trump, noting that 4 years ago Democrats objected to the electoral college votes of 2016, two of whom are now leading the impeachment effort of the president.

–In a video address to the nation, President Trump called on Americans to promote peace amid the reports of planned demonstrations to take place in the coming days.  Jim played the audio of the address.

–A Black Lives Matter activist that was seen storming the U.S. Capitol January 6th was charged with being on restricted grounds, civil disorder, violent entry and disorderly conduct according to the Department of Justice.

–Congressman Louis Gohmert of Texas is accused of seeking more uprisings after quoting Nancy Pelosi who actually was the one making the request.

–Chuck Schumer calls for D.C. rioters to be placed on a no-fly list.

–Democrats are drafting a bill that could erase the legacy of President Trump.

–President-elect Joe Biden promised to defeat the National Rifle Association while he’s in office.

–The president of the New York State Bar Association announced that it has opened a probe into whether to remove Rudy Giuliani as a member of the bar over incendiary remarks that he made before the Capitol siege in his efforts to cast doubt on the 2020 election.

–GoDaddy kicks the largest gun forum off the Internet without explanation.

–A Texas woman who bragged about ballot harvesting has been arrested for fraud. 

–Joe Biden to introduce a constitutional amendment that will eliminate private dollars from federal elections.

–Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia announced that she’ll file articles of impeachment against President-elect Joe Biden on January 21 for abuse of power because of the overseas business activities of the Biden family.

–Joe Biden added another pro-abortion cabinet appointee.  Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo will head up the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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