Crosstalk: December 2, 2021

From the parade tragedy in Waukesha, Wisconsin, yesterday’s high school shooting in Michigan, smash-and-grab robberies, climate activists warning that pipelines could be blown up, to car jackings, homicides, and other violent crimes that are increasing, there’s no doubt that lawlessness abounds in America.

Bringing his unique perspective as to why this is happening, Crosstalk welcomed Richard Schmidt.  Richard is the former sheriff of Milwaukee County, having served some 32 years in various capacities in the sheriff’s office.  He is now pastor of Union Grove Baptist Church and also heads Prophecy Focus Ministries.  He is speaker on the WVCY-TV program, Prophecy Focus.

Pastor Schmidt believes lawlessness is exponentially increasing.  He noted that from 2019 to 2020 there’s been a 30% increase in homicides with 21,000 killed in 2019.  The reason?  Secular media sources are trying to connect this to people being tied down and becoming frustrated due to the COVID pandemic.

How is this affecting government?  He believes government is moving in a socialistic direction instead of relying on rule of law through proper interpretation of the Constitution.

Another area where he described government moving in a wrong direction is with the concept of deferred prosecution.  This is driven by factors such as a legal system that is overburdened with people who’ve committed crimes while at the same time having limited funds and space for housing of such individuals.  This plays into the hands of the liberal agenda because they don’t want such individuals in jail or prison where they don’t have access to the voting booth and themselves support the liberal/socialist agenda.

He summarized at this juncture by noting that those who hate the conservative, biblical point of view are doing everything they can to support those that they claim are victims, when actually they’re the criminals. 

As the program moved along, discussion included:

  • Funding for the election of progressive district attorneys with money that has connection to George Soros.
  • As Christians should we be loving others, attempting to reach them with the Gospel or should we be taking up arms?  In other words, is Kyle Rittenhouse an example of an identity crisis that exists within Christianity today?
  • The Ahmaud Arbery case.
  • Smash-and-grab robberies. 

Where is this headed?  God established human government to protect his people and constitutionally speaking, we have a right to be safe in our homes and communities.  Is there a way to turn this around?  Is there a path forward?  Hear the answers when you review this edition of Crosstalk.


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