Crosstalk: April 29, 2022

  • Biden DHS Creates Unit to Police Speech
  • Fauci: I Corrected Trump on COVID Ivermectin ‘to Maintain My Integrity’
  • Another Two Boys Died in Their Sleep Days After Receiving Second COVID Vaccine
  • FDA Grants Full Approval for COVID Treatment Remdesivir in Young Kids
  • Ivermectin Now Easily Available in Tennessee
  • Family to Sue Hospital for Allegedly Blocking Unvaccinated Daughter from Getting a Kidney Transplant
  • AZ Governor Ducey Signs Bills Protecting Religious Liberty of Care Facility Residents, Churches
  • Biden’s Energy Chief Wants to Destroy American Energy
  • California to Raise its Gas Tax, Already the Highest in the Nation
  • California Wants to Pay Farmers to Not Farm This Year
  • FBI Warns of Targeted Cyber Attacks on Food Plants After Mysterious Rash of Fires
  • FedEx Founder and CEO Lays Out How Democrats Caused Current Inflation Spike
  • Foreign Oil Companies Push for Carbon Tax on US Consumers
  • Biden Tells Teachers: Children Are ‘Yours When They’re in the Classroom’
  • AZ Governor Candidate Kari Lake Sues to Ban Electronic Voting Machine Tabulators
  • FBI Director Says Violence Directed at Police Officers Unlike Anything He’s Seen Before
  • Joe Biden Agreed to Pay Hunter’s Legal Bills Tied to Chinese Business Deal
  • Musk Releases First Statement After Twitter Takeover, Reveals Future of the Company
  • ‘Win for the Unborn!’ Appeals Court Dismisses Final Challenge Against Texas Heartbeat Act
  • University Must Pay Settlement After Woman is Killed in Botched 6-Month Abortion
  • Abortion Industry Makes $300 Million a Year Selling Abortion Pills
  • Tennessee Law Defunds Schools That Allow ‘Trans’ Athletes in Girls’ Sports
  • Exxon Mobile Prohibits Flying LGBTQ, BLM, Other Political Flags Outside Its Offices
  • Oklahoma Governor Signs Ban on Nonbinary Birth Certificates
  • American Library Association Chooses Marxist Lesbian as President-Elect

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