Chris Pinto: September 21, 2021


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"Today’s Show: BIBLE BURNING IN AFGHANISTAN & MASS IMMIGRATION Chris discusses the current crisis in Afghanistan and how it feeds into the globalist desire to flood Western Civilization with third world Muslims. No sooner did the United States pull out of Afghanistan than the Taliban moved in and immediately there have been calls to import tens of thousands of Afghan Muslims into the U.S. and Western Europe. Has this happened through the carelessness of the Biden administration? Or is it by design? Also discussed is how in 2009 the U.S. military was ordered to burn a series of Bibles back in 2009 — Bibles that had been translated into the languages of the Muslim people. The argument was that the Afghans were devout Muslims and should not be converted to Christianity — therefore the Bibles were destroyed. How can America stand against her enemies if our leaders continue to forsake the foundational heritage of our nation? "

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