Chris Pinto: December 23, 2021


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CHRISTMAS WITH COVID & CONTACT TRACING Chris discusses some of the updates on vaccines with the stories of how certain countries in the West are shutting down during the Christmas holiday season — citing fears of the Covid virus as the reason why. The new Chancellor of Germany — Olaf Scholz — has taken over for Angela Merkel and immediately warns against the “minority” of anti-vaxxers in his country. The German media says that his words signal the coming end of patience with those who resist the “facts” concerning the coronavirus. They describe the “gradual shift” towards a more hard line approach against those who refuse the vaccine agenda. We also discuss the now fully normalized practice of putting people into a Covid camp that is happening in Australia. We hear the testimony of a young woman who was contact traced to someone who tested positive, and found herself arrested by police and taken to a Covid camp against her will. We examine her testimony and how it appears that the authorities deceived her into cooperating with them. The methods used are similar to tricks employed by both the Nazis and the Bolsheviks in the 20th century. 


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