Brannon Howse: October 8, 2020

Topic: Brannon explains why he believes that If the Trump/Pence Administration win re-election it will be in-spite of themselves. Brannon explains how the Trump/Pence Administration were not disciplined in their messaging, did not get outside the echo chamber of the same media outlets, did not educate the American people on the big issues or worked to stop the left from stealing their evangelical voters with their lies and propaganda. Topic: Was no one coaching Pence on how to show passion during the debate? Brannon explains why he believes Pence had some good lines in the debate but terrible delivery and thus instead of hitting home-runs he was hitting singles and its all largely due to his lack of passion and zeal as a speaker. Topic: Brannon explains why Trump and Pence should have turned the old press room in the Old Executive Building into a TV studio in which Trump and Pence hosted a weekly TV show with special guests to educate the American people and highlight their work and accomplishments. Topic: Does the Trump Administration know the difference between Paula White’s audience and real evangelicals? Topic: De blasio targets religious jews for persecution in NYC but not the Muslims. Topic: China is telling the region to prepare for war over Taiwan. Topic: We take your calls. 

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