Brannon Howse: October 27, 2020

The Leftist Plan For 2020 Election Riots and The Parallels Between The Arab Spring and What is Happening in America Today. (Part 1) Guests: Arabic speaking Egyptian Usama Dakdok & Former Iranian Muslim Shahram Hadian. Topic: Hold The Line is the name of a group that is organizing to defeat President Trump by organizing a resistance movement and what they call civil resistance. Two of the players of this organization include Marium Navid and Kifan Shah that both wear an Islamic Hijab which is a flag of Sharia. Shah has worked with Muslim Brotherhood proponent and Islamic Jihadist Linda Sarsour. Navid is reported to have worked with the Los Angels chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) that is another name for Muslim Brotherhood. The Marxists have been taking the lead on the riots and attempt at revolution for many decades but now the Jihadis are taking a more public roll instead of staying in the shadows. Topic: Brannon, Usama and Shahram explain how the Islamists are working to carry out the same tactics as they did in Egypt during the Arab spring. Topic: The Disruption Project is another group working to bring chaos to the 2020 election and beyond. Topic: Shut Down DC is another group working bring revolution and chaos. Topic: Another group has a manual entitled: Stop The Coup. Brannon, Shahram and Usama discuss all these manuals and what is about to unfold in America. Topic: The Disruption Project includes the promotion of a handbook that discusses spiritual at the riots and protests. Brannon explains how the left is committed to spirituality that they mix with their Marxism just as Brannon wrote about in his book Grave Influence in 2009, Religious Trojan Horse in 2011, The Coming Religious Reich in 2015 and Marxianity in 2018. 

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