Brannon Howse: November 5, 2020

Guest: Mary Fanning and Leo Hohmann. Topic: Listen to the audio of Anita Dunn, top advisor to Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, as she declares that Communist Chinese leader Mao is one of “the two people that I turn to most.” Topic: Listen as Anita Dunn declares the need to fight your own war based on your own values and to not be constrained by right or wrong. What does her worldview tell us about the kind of people Joe Biden would be surrounded with if he becomes President? Topic: Joe Biden’s involvement in Gulftainer and the container port in Florida and Wilmington, Delaware that could allow Russia and other American adversaries to import WMDs inside America for a Pearl Harbor 2.0. Topic: What did the late Phil Haney warn Brannon about on his live television program that is perhaps one of the biggest threats to America? Did any of Phil’s research and concerns about the Club-K Cars, Ports and CITGO terminals up and down the East Coast have anything to do with Phil’s demise? Topic: Brannon shares publicly for the first time of how he and two of his fellow researchers found, and have screenshots of, a notice on Phil Haney’s Facebook that said he had checked into a hotel or visited a specific hotel in Los Angeles one day after Phil’s body was reportedly found almost 400 miles north of Los Angeles. Was this a computer glitch by Facebook, or does it point to other possibilities? Brannon reveals why this is a fact that cannot be disputed, despite what others might declare. Mary Fanning and Leo Hohmann respond to this public revelation.

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