Brannon Howse: November 18, 2020

Guest: Attorney and Journalist Elizabeth Yore. Topic: How Communist Pope Francis has assisted in helping Communist China in building a Communist Catholic state church while persecuting traditional Roman Catholics as well as evangelical Christians. How has Pope Francis turned a blind eye to the persecution of traditional Catholics as well as protestant Christians? Topic: Elizabeth talks about her personal, twenty-minute meeting with Pope Francis, who was in the room that shocked her and why she left with a feeling of extreme conviction. Topic: What about Pope Francis receiving a Communist hammer and sickle from Bolivia’s president Evo Morales? Topic: Why did Pope Francis allow Bernie Sanders to speak at the Vatican? Topic: Pope Francis has endorsed the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 program that is the establishment of global Communism under such masking terms as sustainable development, common good, climate change, and other such names. Topic: Was prominent American Cardinal Theodore McCarrick working with the KGB starting in the early 1980s? Why did he reportedly refuse to work with the FBI after being contacted by the KGB? Cardinal McCarrick has been accused of running a sex ring out of his beach house according to a July 23, 2020 New York Post article. Did such behavior make Cardinal McCarrick a target for blackmail and thus being recruited by the KGB? In a November 17, 2020 article, Elizabeth Yore offers some very disturbing facts while asking some very relevant questions: “McCarrick traveled to the USSR in 1987 and again in 1988. Also, McCarrick traveled to Cuba in 1988 to visit the brutal Cuban communist regime of Fidel Castro. Over the years, McCarrick traveled to Communist China over a dozen times and even visited with the Communist leader, Jiang Zemin. McCarrick knew his way around Communist countries and leaders. Was McCarrick meeting with his spymasters and sharing intelligence while visiting these communist countries? Was the KGB supplying McCarrick with boys and young men as payment for cooperating with the Soviets? Was the source of McCarrick’s vast wealth from payments by his Communist minders?” 

Topic: Did Pope Francis use Cardinal McCarrick to negotiate a top secret deal between the Vatican and Communist China at the behest of Communist Pope Francis and Neo-Marxist President Barack Hussein Obama? Topic: Brannon starts the program by playing the audio of Randy Hillier who is a member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) which is a Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario. Randy can be heard asking a government official about COVID isolation/quarantine camps in Canada and what he describes as a broad latitude of who can be detained in such camps. Hillier’s concerns are quickly dismissed as his mic is apparently cut off and he is asked to sit down. Topic: Brannon plays an audio clip of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking before a United Nations conference online and describing how COVID-19 has given them the chance to facilitate the great global reset as being called for by the globalists and the World Economic Forum conference coming up in January of 2021. Topic: Was COVID-19 about destroying the free market system, destroying national currencies, setting the stage for mail-in ballots to steal the American presidential election and to prepare the way for what the globalists are calling 'the great reset?' Topic: Will there be another planned “pandemic” and could the medical tyranny be used to target political enemies for “isolation?”

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