Brannon Howse: May 28, 2020

Guest: Pastor Shahram Hadian and Pastor Ken Peters. Topic: Open your business during the Coronavirus pandemic in Minnesota and you could have risked being arrested but if your business in being looted the police will just sit and watch and give the protestors room to riot. Topic: A pastor in Washington state writes and open letter to the Governor of Washington state telling him he has no authority to tell his church when they can and cannot meet and he will not comply. Topic: Are the pastors in America that are continuing to keep their churches closed due to the orders of their state or city government proving that they are hirelings that are now rebelling against God while they turn their churches into the equivalent of state licensed churches as in Communist China? Topic: Brannon and Shahram explain from a Biblical and Constitutional perspective why these governments have no authority over the ecclesiastical function of churches. Topic: Brannon explains how some of the neo-Calvinists have declared that churches that open against the orders of the government are sinning and are a blight on the gospel because they are not submitting to the government as called for in Romans 13. What is ironic is that some of these same pastors that have proclaimed their twisted view of Romans 13 have been known to turn a blind eye to crimes of abuse within their churches even though the law would necessitate that they turn such abusers over to authorities within the realm of civil government. In other words, some of these same pastors and their fellow elders are known hypocrites that proclaim a standard for others that they themselves do not follow. Topic: Pastor Ken joins us to announce that he and his family are leaving Washington State as Shahram Hadian is doing and will also move to Tennessee.

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