Brannon Howse: June 12, 2020

Guest: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: Brannon starts out the program playing a disturbing audio clip of the President of the Southern Baptist Convention J.D. Greear defending the communist organization Black Lives Matter. Greear reveals his ignorance or lack of honesty by declaring that BLM has been hijacked. Topic: Brannon explains how the leadership of the SBC has surrendered to Marxism, Masons, & Muslims. Topic: Iran close to a nuclear weapons breakout and Israeli Prime Minister says that Israel will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. Topic: Iran forces mass at Israeli border while reports of Iran leaving Syria seem to be wrong. Topic: Russia and Turkey face off in Libya while the Egyptian tanks move to the Libyan border. Topic: Iranian Foreign Minister says the United States will bow at the feet of Iranian military.

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