Brannon Howse: January 8, 2021


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Guests: Leo Hohmann and Alex Newman. Topic: Was the January 6, 2021 event at the U.S. Capitol, America's Reichstag moment, and what does that mean? Topic: Conservative Americans should prepare for more false flag events that will be used to characterize, marginalize, and eventually terrorize and criminalize conservatives. Topic: Was the January 6th event about penetrating the Trump supporters and carrying out violence in order to paint conservatives, constitutionalists and patriots as domestic terrorists? Topic: Insurance company fires man that was at the January 6th Trump rally. More reports are coming in that some corporations are scanning social media to identify people who were at the January 6th rally in order to fire them from their job.  Topic: Where is America headed? Will President Trump really turn America over to those who carried out a Marxist coup on the nation as well as to a man like Joe Biden, who many believe, is compromised by Communist China? Topic: U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn apparently, like so many Republicans, is a total fake who used the Trump movement for her own political gain and has now turned when she announced she will support the electoral slate for Joe Biden. Topic: Alex explains why he wrote an article years ago warning that Mike Pence should not be trusted. Topic: Americans are warned not to buy the propaganda and lies that are being pushed out by the mainstream media that is clearly meant to divide America further and to intimidate conservatives into silence and going along with the Marxist revolution that is well underway. Topic: We take your calls. 

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