Brannon Howse: January 27, 2021

Part 1: Guest: Captain Eugene "Red" McDaniel and John Molloy. John Molloy of The National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition Officers introduced us to Captain McDaniel, who was a POW of the Vietnam War with much of his time spent at what was called the Hanoi Hilton. Captain McDaniel details his story from his ejection, capture, torture, and finally his release. Captain McDaniel’s message today was one of great concern for how our government, or the 'deep state' as he called it, covered up the fact that well over 1,000 men or more were left behind alive in Vietnam. Captain McDaniel reveals how he received a phone call from a member of President Reagan’s National Security Council late one night in which he confirmed the existence of POWs still in Vietnam. Captain McDaniel says that President Reagan was one of the few presidents to show concern for the remaining POWs. Captain McDaniel shares a shocking story of some 62 men that were reportedly brought home secretly during the Reagan Administration and placed in a Veterans hospital in Oklahoma. Captain McDaniel reveals how he personally saw from his cell John McCain falling from the sky with his parachute only to be captured, as well, and become a POW. He details how U.S. Senator John McCain worked to keep classified many details on the POWs that should have been declassified and broadcast to the American people so our POWs could be brought home. Captain McDaniel details his last conversation with U.S. Senator John McCain. On our next broadcast we will discuss with John Molloy in great detail how and why America’s POWs have not received the national attention worthy of their service and sacrifice.

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