Brannon Howse: December 3, 2020

Guest: Eric Early who ran for U.S. Congress against Adam Schiff. Topic: Attorney, talk show host and former Congressional Candidate, Eric Early, joins us to discuss voter fraud, the Marxist Democrats, and what he calls the second American revolution. Topic: Hear the shocking audio of Dominion worker Mellissa Carone taking on the liberal Democrats in her testimony and explaining not only the proof of voter fraud, but how the Democrats have destroyed her life. Mellissa is a patriot and is one of countless Americans who are not afraid of the Marxist Democrats. Topic: President Trump says he just delivered his most important speech ever. Topic: Breitbart columnist writes an article attacking attorney Lin Wood as supporting Democrat candidates, but fails to mention that he has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates. Why are so many so-called conservative outlets caving? What are they afraid of or what are they positioning themselves for? Topic: Has Attorney General Bill Barr been a member of the deep state for decades? Was Barr a liaison between the CIA and Governor Bill Clinton? Who reportedly gave Bill Barr the nickname “The Cover-Up General?” Topic: Hear the testimony of journalist Sharyl Attkisson. Has the media has been compromised for propaganda? Topic: Did the government attempt to set up Sharyl Attkisson by hacking her computers?

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