Brannon Howse: December 11, 2020


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Guest: NSA Whistleblower, Kirk Wiebe. Kirk is an American hero and patriot. He was featured in the documentary, A Good American. Today Kirk reveals in depth details, that according to national security researchers and authors who were listening, have never been revealed on a national radio program. Such experts described this show as shocking, stunning, explosive, and timely to what is happening in America now, in December of 2020. Brannon covered the following five issues in this exclusive interview with Kirk Wiebe. 

1. 2000-2001: 9-11 should have never happened. But it did because Kirk Wiebe and Bill Binney were not allowed to put a cyber capability into the fight that would have prevented 9-11.

2. In early 2001, a small cyber group in the NSA found data that would have prevented 9-11, and they were told not to report it. Did President George W. Bush know about the information that could have stopped the 9-11 terrorist attack? If President Bush did not know, then why was this information withheld from him? Did Vice President Dick Cheney and the Attorney General know about this information? Why does Kirk Wiebe believe this information was not acted upon?

3. In 2004, when Kirk Wiebe was an intelligence contractor, he had data about a foreign country and potential enemy that had acquired the ability to greatly damage the U.S. But because the revelation of these facts would be so embarrassing to the NSA, Kirk's computer hard-drives were erased.

4. In 2006, Kirk got a tip and used a home computer to access a website that listed an Iranian business in UAE that revealed companies creating triggers for roadside bombs. Components were being purchased by Iranians in the U.S. and shipped to Iran. Kirk and Bill Binney handed this information over to the proper authorities. What does it reveal that Kirk and Binney and private citizens found this info and what does it say about our intelligence community as well as our national enemies? 

5. In March of 2020, Kirk Wiebe brought an encrypted thumb drive, via a Congressman’s office, to a former military Colonel and the lead investigator for a high ranking U.S. Congressman. This Congressional office and investigator never called for the encryption key to unlock the contents that contained so much data that it was 87,000 documents that exposed massive national security threats. This thumb drive included information that would have tipped off and warned of the cyberwar we are now experiencing with the voter fraud, HAMMER and Scorecard.

Kirk concludes by validating the research of Mary Fanning and Alan Jones that broke the story of HAMMER in December of 2015. 

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