Brannon Howse: August 26, 2020

Guest: Kevin Mathewson. Topic: Former two-time elected Kenosha, Wisconsin Alderman Kevin Mathewson joins us around the 39 minute mark to discuss the riots, burning and killings in Kenosha. Are the anarchists from outside of Kenosha and how fast did they arrive from the time of the police shooting? Topic: The anarchist were calling for death to America and were targeting the homes of Kenoshas residents and now apparently police officers are being doxxed. Topic: Kenosha is anywhere U.S.A. and what happened in Kenosha could happen in your community. Are you prepared since apparently many police departments are standing down? Topic: Hear the audio of one Florida Sheriff telling the anarchists that the people in his county are armed and will blow you out the door with their guns if you try to enter their homes. Topic: Hillary Clinton reportedly tells Biden to not concede under any situation. How are the Marxist democrats setting up for a conflict before and after the election? Topic: How have these anarchists on the street been brainwashed for decades? The father of a 7 year-old is making Americans aware of a book that brainwashes 7 years into believing that America is an inherently racist nation. Topic: Americans have been emotionally manipulated by the pictures of fire hoses and dogs turned on black Americans during the 1960s. However, do we know the context of each of these situations? Were each of these instances an abuse of power by the police and fire departments and racism? Were they necessary actions to break up riots, civil unrest and threat to private property and business? If thirty or forty years from now the pictures of police opposing the street riots and anarchists in 2020 are portrayed as racists will someone be around to explain this false narrative? Topic: America is seeing a convergence of many things including an economic war, financial threats from the Covid-19 response, threats from China, Iran, North Korea, terror cells in the U.S., a border crisis, a drug war, and the collapse of evangelicalism as evident by the behavior of Jerry Falwell Jr. What does all this mean prophetically? Topic: We take your calls. 

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