Brannon Howse: April 12, 2021


Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: Free speech does not mean someone can lie, slander, scream fire in a crowded auditorium or publish or broadcast obscenity. There are limits to speech just as their are constitutional limits on individual and government actions. Brannon explains the connection between limiting individual and government actions and its connection to a Judeo-Christian worldview and a Constitutional Republic. Brannon explains how America’s governments, based upon a Constitutional Republic, must put limits upon what people can say or do. Topic: Mike Lindell is one week away from launching his new social media platform that seeks to defend free speech. Brannon explains how the liberal media will go crazy and declare that Mike is limiting free speech when he prohibits such things as taking the Lord’s name in vain on his new platform or prohibits the broadcasting of programs that promote that which is contrary to the law of the divine. Yet, as Brannon explains, our very Constitutional Republic is based upon not practicing that which the Divine has ruled against. Therefore, the foundational laws of our land put limits on personal speech and behavior. Topic: Dr. Andy Woods joins us to discuss this topic. Topic: Why have Brannon and Dr. Woods spent so much time since the November election talking about what many would call secular or political issues? Are they therefore compromising a Biblical worldview by focusing on such topics? Why do so many Christians and Americans divide their worldview between the secular and the sacred? Topic: We take your calls. 

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