Brannon Howse: Aired December 18, 2013

Mike Gendron and JD Hall join Brannon to discuss a CNN article by Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission recommending evangelicals buy the prayer book of Flannery O’Connor, a Catholic Mystic and worshiper of Mary. Hardly any evangelical leaders have mentioned a word of this but let Radio Shack not say Merry Christmas and some of them come unglued. Could those catholic dollars and donors be at risk if they spoke up? Topic: Why will Albert Mohler not come out and tell us whether he agrees or disagrees with his former dean of theology? Does not Albert Mohler owe that to true evangelicals since Al apparently helped Moore climb the evangelical ladder? Why has Mohler not agreed to come on the program live and speak to these issues and his praise of Nelson Mandela? Topic: Gendron & Hall speak to the theological issues at risk with the promotion of someone like Flannery O’Connor. Topic: Gendron speaks to the issue of Al Mohler signing the ecumenical document known as the Manhattan Declaration and how many signed the ecumenical document after seeing Mohler signed it. Topic: Why are evangelical leaders seemingly so silent when one of the so-called good guys does something wrong but yet hardly miss a chance to call out those that are not their friends or in their circles? Topic: The ultimate issue is that Moore is undermining the gospel by promoting a false teacher like Flannery O’Conner and JD Hall states that folks like Al Mohler owe it to the defense of the gospel and to the evangelical community to call Moore out. Sadly Mohler appears to be too much of a politician that is wound tight around the gears of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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