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Brannon Howse
Aired Wednesday, December 13
Brannon Howse: December 13, 2017
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Topic: How Kingdom Now Theology Leads to Liberalism & The Kingdom of Antichrist. Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: Hear the quotes by Rick Warren & Russell Moore promoting Kingdom Now Theology. Topic: How does Kingdom Now Theology change the role of the pastor, the church and lead to theological and political and economic liberalism? Topic: Why are self-described conservative pastors promoting Kingdom Now Theology proponents? How are leading so-called conservative pastors and evangelical figures becoming bridges to liberalism and are they doing so because they are dense, compromised, or pragmatists? Topic: Why did Israel reject the Kingdom offered by Jesus Christ? Topic: Why the offer was not transferred from Israel to the church. Topic: What is progressive dispensationalism? Topic: What is the difference between the theocratic kingdom and universal kingdom? Topic: What is the meaning of: Seek You First the Kingdom of God? Topic: If some of the biggest names in evangelical are not building the kingdom of God then what kingdom are they building? Topic: How does Daniel 2:44 destroy Kingdom Now Theology?

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