Sam Rohrer: July 3, 2020

Thu, 07/02/2020, By Sam Rohrer

Uncovering the Secret to America’s Greatness. We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: The Beginning. What We Were. What We Are. Where Are We Going?

Erwin Lutzer: July 3, 2020

Thu, 07/02/2020, By Erwin Lutzer

On earth, the law of gravity is immutable. God’s moral law has the same force. The commandments He gave to Moses define His character, and His expectations of our behavior. In this message we learn why God’s moral law shows us who we really are.

Episode Details

  • Jimmy DeYoung: June 25, 2020

    Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has two of his Broadcast Partners join him at the Broadcast Table. These men, Winkie Medad and John Rood, both have some very important information to pass along on some very important issues. Winkie will come first to discuss with Jimmy how the Palestinians could destroy the Jewish history of the State of Israel; He also has some additional news of what is happening in the political world in Israel, as well. Then Jimmy will discuss with John a very key European Union Up-date that John has for all of us.
  • Chris Pinto: June 25, 2020

    Chris discusses the radical Marxist movement known as Black Lives Matter. While masquerading itself as a movement designed to defend the Black community, it shows itself (through its own website) to be aimed at undermining and destroying Christianity and Western Civilization, using race-baiting tactics to foment continual agitation. The international movement that has sparked riots around the world in the wake of the other international Coronavirus movement, is obviously designed by the globalists to further agitate against the Christian world. Meanwhile, in Seattle the Marxists have separated part of the city which they have renamed “CHOP” claiming it as a reference to the French Revolution.
  • Jimmy DeYoung: June 24, 2020

    The Trump Peace Plan will allow the Palestinians to control Jewish heritage sites; and hundreds and thousands of Jews from around the world are moving to Israel.
  • Brannon Howse: June 23, 2020

    The True History of Andrew Jackson - Rioters tried to tear down the statue of President Andrew Jackson located outside the gates of the White House. Thankfully law enforcement arrived just in time to stop them from tearing down the statue. President Trump is known to like President Jackson and has a picture of him hanging in the Oval Office. Like President Trump, President Jackson was a man of the people, was at war with the media, the establishment, and the central bank.
  • John Loeffler: June 23, 2020

    Antifa has reared its ugly head during recent rioting and looting, but what is the history of this group?  Kyle Shideler Director for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy, examines the background of Antifa, their tactics in hijacking a movement, and what their real aim is for this country.
  • John Loeffler: June 23, 2020

    These riots and protests and revolutions are not this country’s first rodeo.  Former FBI Counterterrorism Assistant Director Terry Turchie joins us to examine anarchists of yesteryear, such as the Weather Underground, and compare them to the radicals we see today.  For one political party, today’s platform is yesterday’s manifesto.  
  • Jimmy DeYoung: June 23, 2020

    Jimmy and Ken will discuss what is going on in Libya between Turkey, Russia, and Egypt; how Iran is very close to having a Nuclear WMD if they don't already have one.
  • Brannon Howse: June 22, 2020

    Guest: Michael Hammond of Gun Owners of America. Topic: The U.S. Supreme Court turns against the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is vital as it is how we maintain our political, economic and religious liberty. Topic: One of the founders of BLM admits their goal is not civil rights for black Americans but the removal of President Trump from office.

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Jimmy DeYoung: July 2, 2020

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has two of his Broadcast Partners come to his Broadcast Table to give us reports, and the details, on current events happening in two key regions of our world, the Middle East and the European Union. Winkie Medad will come first to give us a report on the annexation of the area of Judea and Samaria. Then John Rood will join Jimmy to give us his European Union Up-date. John covers the political in the EU because it is setting the stage for the prophetic to take place. These reports will be key to your understanding of Bible Prophecy.

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