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Brannon Howse
Aired Wednesday, December 13
Brannon Howse: December 13, 2017
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Topic: How Kingdom Now Theology Leads to Liberalism & The Kingdom of Antichrist. Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: Hear the quotes by Rick Warren & Russell Moore promoting Kingdom Now Theology. Topic: How does Kingdom Now Theology change the role of the pastor, the church and lead to theological and political and economic liberalism? Topic: Why are self-described conservative pastors promoting Kingdom Now Theology proponents? How are leading so-called conservative pastors and evangelical figures becoming bridges to liberalism and are they doing so because they are dense, compromised, or pragmatists? Topic: Why did Israel reject the Kingdom offered by Jesus Christ? Topic: Why the offer was not transferred from Israel to the church. Topic: What is progressive dispensationalism? Topic: What is the difference between the theocratic kingdom and universal kingdom? Topic: What is the meaning of: Seek You First the Kingdom of God? Topic: If some of the biggest names in evangelical are not building the kingdom of God then what kingdom are they building? Topic: How does Daniel 2:44 destroy Kingdom Now Theology?

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In Mission 17-31 we will explore several biblical concepts from the holiness, love, righteousness and jealousy of God to admonishing fellow believers. Is it hateful and simply a matter of criticism when Christians give biblical warnings about behavior and practices? Our launch pad is Exodus 20:1-11 which will help us develop a biblical understanding of God's attributes. We will then look at a Scriptural Scientist who also had to admonish professing Christians in regard to deistic evolution. This all stems from a post from a  long standing friend. They recently posted on Facebook an advertisement and endorsement for "Holy Advent Yoga". I responded with a warning of the real nature, origin, and meaning of Yoga along with two Bible verses that warn of partnering light and darkness. So can we "christianize" pagan religious practices? I'll share a brief exchange so we can evaluate for ourselves how we should respond to admonishment and I'll hold myself accountable to this audience if I was unloving and spiteful. Listen in and respond to [email protected]

Some might see giving generously to the church as a waste. Jesus told a parable exploding this myth once and for all. The bottom line: money given to transform the lives of others bears a thousand-percent return-on-investment.

There is a great deception that is taking place across this nation and throughout the Western world today. It's a deception that proclaims peace, but stems from a heart of war. It's one that claims assimilation in certain circles, but believes in total supremacy at its core. We're talking about Islam and the deception that comes. You may hear certain words that sound appealing, but we warn you that Islam uses a different dictionary.

The guest on this edition of Crosstalk came with a warning. He has said, 'The greatest tragedy in the West for the last 65 years has been self-destructive political correctness regarding any and all facts about Islam. We are witnessing the conquest of the civilized world by Islam through stealth jihad aided and abetted by our treasonous leaders. Humanity is seemingly heading to a nuclear World War III because of the inability or unwillingness of our leaders to understand the fundamentals of Islam, though they be crystal clear.'

The man who said this is I.Q. al-Rassooli, an Iraqi exile, who left Iraq as a young man to study abroad at a university and took opportunity to compare the Bible to the Qur'an. What he discovered shocked him. I.Q. is an Arabic speaker, scholar and author of 'Lifting the Veil: the True Faces of Muhammad and Islam.' He has dedicated himself to expose the facts and reality of Islam to a 'Qur'an-ignorant world'. (His name is an alias, because his bold indictment of Islam places him at considerable risk.)

I.Q. began by noting that 3 of the most egregious lies that have ever been insinuated into the human consciousness are (1) That Islam means 'peace' when actually it means 'submission'. (2) That jihad is a spiritual struggle to commune with God when actually it's a perpetual war against all non-Muslims. (3) That Allah is the same as the God of Jesus, Moses and Abraham.

So for I.Q., Islam is all about the priority of deception. One of these forms is called, 'taqiyah'. He described how, under taqiyah, a Muslim who normally isn't allowed to drink wine or eat pork, could sit with a Christian (or any non-Muslim) and do those things for as long as the intent is to deceive. As long as deception is the motive, those things that are normally off-limits for the Muslim are considered, 'Halal' (legal or not prohibited).

This is just the beginning of this look at the deceptive core of Islam. The broadcast also looked at Shariah, the refusal of the media to give air-time to I.Q. to debate others within Islam, why the term 'Islamophobia' is an oxymoron, whether a true Muslim can ever be true to the U.S. Constitution, and much more.​

Guest: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: President Trump makes a historic announcement, "Jerusalem is the political capitol of the state of Israel.”. Topic: European Union and Moslem world come out against Trumps Jerusalem announcement. Topic: Interesting  connection between Hanukkah and the Trump announcement about Jerusalem. Topic: Germany announces that the Dead Sea Scrolls do not belong to Israel. Topic: We take your calls.

Chris discusses the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack — the event that brought the United States into the second World War.  Researchers have long suspected that the Roosevelt administration was aware that the Japanese
would strike before it happened, and that FDR deliberately provoked the conflict with Japan.  Also discussed is the historic warning of President Herbert Hoover, who believed that the result of the war would be to “promote
Communism over the earth.”

Jehovan Nissi: The Lord is My Standard Part 1 



Exodus 17: 14-15: Then the LORD said to Moses, “Write this in a book as a memorial and recite it to Joshua, that I will utterly blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven.” Moses built an altar and named it The LORD is My Banner; 


Shahram discusses the need to raise the Standard of Jehovah God once again in our personal lives, in our families, in the true church and in our Nation. Christ is our only hope of seeing a turning in this Nation. 


Plus listen to a powerful speech from President Trump reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas and declaring that "Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior." 

(Program #75) Usama Dakdok reveals the dangers of interfaith dialogues by playing the audio of the interfaith dialogue between James White and Jihadi Yasir-Qadhi. Usama will start and stop the audio as he provides commentary and uses this as a opportunity to refute the misinformation with truth.

At the White House in Washington, President Trump made the announcement, to the world, that the United States is declaring the City of Jerusalem the political capitol of the Jewish State of Israel. Jimmy DeYoung, on today's edition of PTIB will discuss this historic event and share some thoughts, both  political and prophetical. Jimmy will remind you that Jerusalem has been the political capitol of the Jewish people for over three thousand years, 2 Samuel 5, and the eternal capitol, 2 Samuel 7, as well. Jerusalem, the "apple of the eye", of Jesus, Zechariah 2: 8, is the city that He will rule and reign from, in the Temple He builds there, forever, Zechariah 6: 12-13.

Guest : Jill Cox and Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: A new survey reveals that younger evangelical Americans are decreasing in their support of Israel. Could it be that the teaching of men like John Piper are partly to blame for this decrease? Andy Woods and Brannon go over some of the shocking, ignorant, and unbiblical comments by John Piper concerning Israel and his replacement theology. Topic: Jill Cox first joins us to give us a first hand report on the terrible fires of Southern California that has taken the homes of most of her neighbors.

Economic News Update for 12-07-17

"The GateKeepers Radio Show | Episode 9 | Celebrity Influence in the Church | In many ways, today’s church is a mirrored image of secular society. Just like in Hollywood, the church uses celebrity status to market its services. While most wouldn’t admit this, this is a common practice amongst most, if not all, megachurches and conferences. The questions is, should the church be hording its resources to build megachurches based upon one celebrity pastor? In this episode, Jeff takes a look at what the Bible says about this type of behavior, and the potential pitfalls for following this strategy.

Good Shepherd vs False Shepherd Part 5


John 10: 10-13: 

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

“I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. “He who is a hired hand, and not a shepherd, who is not the owner of the sheep, sees the wolf coming, and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wolf snatches them and scatters them. “He flees because he is a hired hand and is not concerned about the sheep. 


The Lord has laid on my heart for the past few years that there is a true and necessary division happening in the church. This division and exposing is to highlight the true shepherds of God, who are willing to protect the flock at all costs, vs the false shepherds "hirelings," who are abandoning the flock and turning them over to the wolves. 


We are seeing so much cowardice and compromise coming from the pulpit, that it is sickening and grieving. The fruit of these "pastors" stinks. They demonstrate seeking the approval and love of the world rather than the approval and love of the Lord. 


We must expose those who are false, bring correction to the Body of Christ and prepare and equip believers to stand for their Faith in light of these last days.


(Program #75) Usama Dakdok reveals the dangers of interfaith dialogues by playing the audio of the interfaith dialogue between James White and Jihadi Yasir-Qadhi. Usama will start and stop the audio as he provides commentary and uses this as a opportunity to refute the misinformation with truth.

In this week's program we will be talking about "The Need For Gun Ownership" . America is moving towards the brink of destruction because we have turned our backs on God.  As citizens of America we must defend ourselves and our families.  Hence the 2nd Amendment by the Founders.  The 2nd Amendment is clear that the American Citizen has a right to bear arms and it cannot be infringed upon.  The Founders understood that a citizenry devoid of guns is no longer a citizenry but subjects.  Join us as we discuss our right to bear arms, the need to bear arms and what the government fears most, a citizenry armed for its own protection.  We will also discuss what happens when a nation agrees to a gun registry and the ultimate outcome of gun confiscation.

On PTIB today Jimmy DeYoung has Ken Timmerman who is on the "Catbird Seat" in Washington with Ken's insights into the geopolitical events happening around our world. Jimmy and Ken will discuss NKorea shipping chemical weapons to Syria; Iran's Army Chief saying that in the next war Israel will be eradicated; Russia is accusing the US of goading the leader of NKorea into war; and the Saudis saying that they will wipe "terrorism" off the Earth, as we remember it was the Saudis that invented terrorism.

Christians have bank accounts on earth, but also, accounts in heaven. They lay up treasures “where moth and rust do not corrupt.” In this message we’ll learn why the long-term view is best: investments in things eternal bear a return we cannot even imagine.