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Brannon Howse
Aired Monday, April 23
Brannon Howse: April 23, 2018
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Topic: California bill could make it illegal to sell the Bible in California as well as allow for the suing of conservative or Christian broadcasters that offend transgender or homosexuals that hear their broadcasts. Topic: WVW Broadcast Network radio host Dr. Peter Pry was on Fox News for an hour on Sunday night with host Mark Levin. Hear a portion of that interview on the EMP threat to America. Topic: David Platt declared that a sign of racism in America was income inequality. However, there is no way to have equal incomes in America unless you steal from one to give to another. David Platt is clearly clueless about economics 101. Brannon explains how the $15 an hour laws coming to Seattle and to New York will mean the elimination of entry level jobs for the “poor.” Business owners are declaring such laws will either put them out of business or require them to automate. Socialism does not work and mandatory minimum wage laws actually hurt the poor but professional race-baiters and social justice warriors like Platt want to speak from their ignorance and to drag their Neo-Marxism into churches. Topic: We take your calls.

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Ozarks Family Reunion 2018

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Ozarks Family Reunion 2018

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Broadcast Archive

There’s been a lot of skepticism regarding Noah’s Ark. You’ve heard the criticisms: Society could not have been advanced enough to build an ark of that magnitude. Where did the materials come from? Is it plausible to believe just Noah and his sons build this mammoth structure? How could all the animal species fit on board? Are we to believe that dinosaurs were on the ark? How could fresh water fish possibly survive a so-called flood? Also, it's fine to believe a local flood occurred, but a world-wide flood?

Answering these questions and more was Tim Chaffey. Tim is the Director of Midwest Apologetics and also content manager for Ark Encounter & Answers in Genesis. He’s an apologist with a passion for training young people. He’s the author of numerous books, such as 'Old Earth Creationism on Trial', 'Noah: Man of Destiny,' 'Noah: Man of Resolve,' and 'Noah: Man of God'.

What was the size of the ark? Tim said that we should be thinking along the lines of a football field/stadium. The Bible describes the ark by using a measure called the cubit (from the elbow to the tip of your finger). The Ark Encounter used a 20.4 inch cubit so their ark is 510 feet long and 85 feet wide.

Regarding the accusation that Noah was too primitive to have built the ark, Tim believes that's an assumption regarding people who have gone on before us. We typically think we're more intelligent than they were because we live in a time with greater technology. This increased technology doesn't mean we're more intelligent than people in the past. Instead, we've merely built upon what others have done in the past.
Is it plausible that Noah and his 3 sons were the only ones working to build the ark? Tim believes it's possible but unlikely. He could have hired other workers and they didn't have to be believers. If there was compensation to be had, they would have been willing to work for him. In fact, Tim described how there were unbelievers that were part of the construction of the Ark Encounter.

Where did the materials come from? Noah was told to make an ark out of gopher wood. We're not sure where that came from. Some Bibles attempt to communicate that it may have been cypress but Tim believes that's a mistake. Those Bible translators are looking at the Middle East today and trying to decide which type of wood from that region might have been used. The problem with that method of interpretation is that we don't know where the ark was built. We need to remember that the ark was built during the pre-flood world, a world that may have been comprised of only one continent. Also, since the ark would have been on the water for several months, we don't know how far it drifted from its launch point.

Wouldn't a wooden vessel have been destroyed by the flood? Tim indicated that Bill Nye (the science guy) used that argument in his debate with Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. Nye talked about the Wyoming, a 430 foot, 6 masted schooner that was built by his ancestors. Nye believes that when you have very long wooden boats, they begin to twist, bend and start springing holes. In the case of the Wyoming, it sank and all 14 people on board were killed. Tim agreed that this is true of wooden boats. In fact, an article by Tim will be appearing soon in 

Answers Magazine about the challenges that large wooden vessels face and how to overcome them. On the other hand, what Nye failed to mention is that the Wyoming was in operation for almost 15 years.

​This is just the beginning of a fascinating program that respectfully informs while answering the skeptics and their problems with the Bible's account of Noah's Ark.

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung will talk with Ken Timmerman, who is in Southern France, and will have his analysis of the US-led attack on Syria for their use of chemical WMD's on the Syrian people. Jimmy and Ken will discuss the events of the day of the bombing; what the atmosphere is today, and for the last seven years of the Syrian Civil War; that this attack was a signal to Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea, all the Middle Eastern States and in fact the entire World, that when America sets a "redline" it means business; and what the Prophetic Scenario in the Bible is that will be fulfilled, as it relates to Syria, Russia and Iran, North Korea, and in fact the entire world.


Today it’s fashionable to think of truth as a personal possession—you have your truth, and I have my truth. But then we hit the jarring claim of Jesus:  “I am the truth.” In this message we learn about moving from truth as mere opinion to truth as a person.

Jesus knows full well the challenges in our race of life. He knows our weaknesses, and He knows what we need. He’s aware of the demands each day brings. In this message we’ll join Peter in learning a lesson from a coin in a fish’s mouth.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse recently reported that every day, more than 115 people in the United Sates die after overdosing on opioids. Both the misuse and addiction to opioids including prescription pain relievers, heroin and synthetic opioids is a serious national crisis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the total 'economic burden' of prescription opioid misuse alone in the United States is $78.5 billion a year including the costs of healthcare, lost productivity, addiction treatment and criminal justice involvement. How did this come about? What safeguards need to be put in place to combat this epidemic? Who's impacted by this? Would legalizing marijuana or the medical use of marijuana alleviate the opioid epidemic?

Joining Jim to discuss this epidemic was Dr. David Stevens. Dr. Stevens is the chief executive officer of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, the nation’s largest faith-based organization of healthcare professionals. Dr. Stevens has also served as a missionary doctor in Kenya for some 10 years. He also has conducted numerous seminars on such issues as stem cell research, human cloning, genetics, faith and health, physician-assisted suicide, abortion and other topics.

So what are opioids? This refers to medicines used for pain relief and includes names such as Vicodin, Fentanyl, Percocet, Oxycontin, Hydrocodone and Codeine.

Is there a connection between opioids and heroine? Jim noted that 80 percent of heroine abusers first used prescription opioids. Dr. Stevens responded by describing how heroine use goes back to ancient times. It's made from poppies grown in the Middle and Far East. From heroine you can make morphine but heroine itself is a very strong narcotic.

Opioids present the user with a feeling of calmness by taking care of pain, helps users sleep better, they can relieve tension and for some it can help feelings and emotions. For these reasons, those who use such drugs can like the results so much they become addicted.

Dr. Stevens explained how opioids can be very good for treating the pain from cancer. Unfortunately they've been used for chronic pain that he doesn't believe warrant a narcotic such as joint or back pain. Another factor is 'doctor shopping' by individuals who seek out a continued supply for their addiction. This has resulted in Tennessee requiring the registration of every opioid prescription in a statewide database. This way a doctor can see if the patient has prescriptions in other places.

Can we point a finger of blame in any one place? Dr. Stevens sees a lot of culprits involved in this problem. The pharmaceutical companies pushed these drugs in the past, not directly to patients, but to doctors. Since pain isn't quantifiable, a doctor may try a number of different things to alleviate someone's pain but end up putting the patient on an opioid. Others who are unscrupulous can make a lot of money by giving out opioid prescriptions 'left and right'.


Guests: Dr. Andy Woods & Shahram Hadian. David Platt: “Useful Idiot” & Mouthpiece For Neo-Marxism. (Part 2) Topic: The book David Platt was quoting from at the Together For the [Marxist] Gospel conference this past week strongly implies that Christians who believe in original sin are racists, and Christians who are pre-tribulation, dispensationalists are racists. Dr. Andy Woods has read the book and engaged the author at a college a few years ago. Dr. Woods reads from the book and gives the page numbers. Topic: Mark Dever of 9Marks, The Gospel Coalition has endorsed this blasphemous book. We warned you about these guys years ago. Are people going to keep listening to the men who defend these Neo-Calvinists or start thinking for themselves? The facts cannot be refuted, only the messengers can they now attack. Topic: Brannon has warned for several years about the Neo-Calvinists such as social justice warriors David Platt, Matt Chandler, John Piper, Tim Keller, and others who make up their Neo-Calvinist cabal. Platt made news a few years ago for using his SBC mission board to file a legal brief to defend the right of Muslim Brotherhood jihadis to build a mosque in New Jersey. Today you will hear brand new audio clips from a speech delivered by David Platt this past weekend before 12,000 pastors and Christians at the Together For the Gospel Conference. You will be hearing numerous audio clips from this conference over the next few weeks that will help you understand why Brannon says this conference should have been called: Together for The Social Gospel Conference. The sad reality is David Platt was actually proclaiming Neo-Marxism that would have pleased the Frankfurt School faculty. Platt’s message was actually contrary and hostile to the Word of God. By his own admission, Platt was quoting from and promoting a book entitled, Divided by Faith. This book was written by two progressive authors, and one of them wrote a book praising Liberation Theology, which is Christianity mixed with Marxism. Platt quotes extensively from the book and recommends pastors purchase the book at the conference bookstore.

Dr. Randy White is known for his fervor for studying the Bible and theology and his zeal for proclaiming it.

Randy White Ministries was started in 2011 as an online and radio Bible teaching ministry. Today, the ministry is focused on producing verse-by-verse Bible teaching resources for individuals.

Dr. White regularly leads tours of the Holy Land. A frequent talk radio guest, he is also the author of three books: The Antichrist The Three Statements of Thomas (Randy White Ministries, 2012) and The Faith of Benjamin Franklin (2013), and is working on several current projects.

White is heard weekly on his call-in program, Ask the Theologian, and hosts a popular interactive online Bible study on Thursday nights.

Randy has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, a Masters of Divinity with Biblical Languages, and a Doctor of Ministry degree. He is the author of The Antichrist and hundreds of online articles (and he’s working on many book projects for the future).

With enthusiasm for dispensational theology, Dr. White launched Dispensational Publishing House in 2015, at this critical hour in church history.As the founder and chief executive officer of DPH, White will have a megaphone through which he can shout his love for dispensational theology—always reminding readers to “question the assumptions.” You may contact him with any questions or ideas regarding the publishing house. It is White’s desire to make DPH the go-to source for sound theology, thought-provoking content from a variety of writers and the latest information—all from the traditional dispensational perspective.