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Brannon Howse
Aired Monday, August 20
Brannon Howse: August 20, 2018
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The radical, redistribution of John Perkins goes mainstream. (Part 1) Topic: John Perkins is praised not only by the radical left but also the cultural marxist Gospel Coalition as well as a few well known American Bible teachers. Yet, in today’s program you will hear shocking audio clips of John Perkins calling for redistribution of wealth and praising Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro while wrapping his radical socialism in twisted theology. In his new book Marxianity coming out in the fall of 2018 Brannon will name the names of those that have praised John Perkins for many years and the readers will be shocked. Topic: We take your calls.

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Broadcast Archive

Christ’s defining moment was His cruel death on the cross—a horrific price paid for our salvation. The death of Jesus bought the forgiveness of sins, and for that we must be eternally grateful.

How many times have you heard the accusations claiming the Bible cannot possibly be true due to all the historical inaccuracies? Well, along comes archaeology which throws dramatic light on the biblical record. As you turn over the soil of history, much evidence springs forth authenticating the people, places and events of Scripture. So much of this has been documented and bound in a powerful book, 'Evidence for the Bible'.

Joining Jim to discuss this book and what it covers was Clive Anderson. Clive is a Christian minister from the UK and author of numerous books and articles on historical and biblical subjects including the prophet Nahum and Sennacherib of Assyria. He's co-authored the popular, 'Through the British Museum with the Bible' with Brian Edwards. He is also author of 'Travel with C.H. Spurgeon' and also books on travel to Israel and Egypt. Clive regularly leads tours of the British Museum and Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Italy and Greece. Before entering Christian ministry he was a civil/structural engineering draughtsman.

This Crosstalk is packed with information and here's a small sample from the book that Clive shared with listeners:

--Discoveries that prove Moses did write the first five books of the Bible.

--What is the definition of cuneiform?

--What is the earliest writing to have been found?

--Does archaeological evidence really allow us to put together a chronology?

--Were the Hittites a real civilization?

--Is there archaeological evidence from the time of the Judges?

--Is there evidence for Hezekiah's fresh water tunnel?

--Is there evidence from the reign of Nebuchadnezzar/time of Daniel?

--What do we make of the Dead Sea Scrolls?

--Coins with the image of Caesar Augustus...Pontius Pilate?

Learn about more fascinating biblical proofs that have been discovered when you review this edition of Crosstalk.


Revelation Episode 10. Disregarding Divine Directions. Revelation 2:18-22

Confronting the World: Is Trump Resetting the Bar? We are joined by IQ al Rassooli (Iraqi now living in exile; author). Topics discussed include: The Trump Tariffs: Making or Breaking Turkey, Iran and Russia. North Korea Threatens-China Warns. Canada Warns= The Saudi’s Retaliate. Hamas- Israel - Now Hezbollah?


The recently released report from the UN says that North Korea is working with Syria, militarily, in operations that could be dangerous for the Jewish State of Israel. North Korea is also selling weapons to many rogue states and terror groups in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Israel is warning that Syrian President Assad is starting the rebuilding of a very large Syrian Military Force. These are some of the stories that Ken Timmerman will report on, with great insight for each of the stories, when he speaks with Jimmy DeYoung on todays edition of PTIB. This is a key report that will help you recognize the end of time scenario that is found in Bible Prophecy.

Exposing the Islamic Propaganda of Dr. William Barrick of The Masters Seminary (Part 28)

Genuine authority flows from within. Jesus Christ had the kind of authority we feel even today, two thousand years after He walked on Earth. How can He still command such devotion?

Guest: Robert Spencer. Topic: Robert joins us to talk about his new book The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS. We take lots of your calls and questions for Robert as well as discuss the latest terrorist attack in London.