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Broadcast Archive

Believers arrive at life’s goal line by faithfully following Christ, who gave His life for others. Taking His gospel to needy people is our primary reason for running the race every day. Are you making an impact in your area of influence?

Replacement Theology is dangerous, and certainly non-Biblical. Replacement Theology is a theology that defines the "church" as replacing the Jewish people in the end time in the promises and the plans that God has for the Jewish people. This is the topic of discussion for Jimmy  DeYoung and Dave Dolan at the Broadcast Table on PTIB. Jimmy and Dave will also discuss the Islamic terrorist that smells blood in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and the Israeli PM that hails the historic decision to re-impose sanctions on Iran.

"US Attorney General Jeff Sessions stepped down last week.  Who will be his replacement?  UTT has a couple recommendations.  Get the answers as well as updates on current events, what the enemy is up to, and much more.  Listen now to UTT's Radio broadcast and help us put freedom back on the offensive where it belongs."


If you think trusting Christ means all your pathways will be strewn with roses, think again. Many of Christ’s pathways were pathways of suffering. If we’re serious about following Him, eventually we’ll leave the oasis and head into the wilderness.

​​The following is a sample of stories that made the cut for this week's edition of the news round-up:

--WWI ended 100 years ago this coming Sunday, Veterans Day.

--The WWI memorial known as the 'Bladensburg Cross' in Maryland is under attack from atheists and Muslims.

--A mysterious man in black clutching a semi-automatic pistol opened fire at a California bar packed with college students who were celebrating 'country night' on Wednesday.

--CNN's Jim Acosta had his press credentials suspended after an exchange with President Trump and interaction with a White House press aid.

--Various press organizations chime in on the revoking of Acosta's credentials.

--Multiple election recounts possible in the state of Florida.

--Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott is calling for an investigation into alleged illegal voting after Project Veritas published a video that shows poll workers in Texas saying non-citizens could vote.

--A Georgia poll worker was caught on video telling an undercover journalist posing as a voter that he should vote Democrat.

--Gun control advocates in Washington state have peddled Initiative 1639 that seeks to create stricter firearms laws.

--Florida voted overwhelmingly to restore voting rights to an estimated 1.5 million former felons.

--A newly elected Muslim congresswoman wore a Palestinian flag at her primary victory celebration in Michigan.

--A man was arrested in Oklahoma City on a complaint of threatening to kill via use of explosive.

--A Michigan migrant who stabbed a police officer while screaming 'Allahu Akbar' says he's innocent.

--A politician in Sweden is charged with hate speech for saying jihadists scream 'Allahu Akbar' before blowing themselves up.

--The home of a Jewish family in Las Vegas was tagged with anti-Semitic graffiti.

--Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg fractured 3 ribs after a fall in her chambers at the U.S. Supreme Court.

--According to a recent article in the New Yorker, Gavin Newsome helped his mother commit assisted suicide.

--Jim provided audio of Nancy Pelosi's response after being asked about becoming the Speaker of the House.

--Democrats have demanded that President Trump turn over his tax returns and declared that investigating his personal financial records would be the first item on their agenda come January.

--President Trump signed a presidential proclamation barring asylum protections for migrants who entered the U.S. illegally.

Islam is making its advance across America. It’s quest is for world domination, a world caliphate. The message shared on this edition of Crosstalk was delivered by Shahram Hadian in October, 2018 before a 'Steeling the Mind' conference which was held in Denver, Colorado. It’s called, 'Eyes Wide Open!' as Shahram addressed America’s Muslim Agenda.

Shahram Hadian is a former Muslim born in Iran who came to the states in 1978.  An individual shared the Gospel with him and though offended at first, he committed his life to Jesus Christ.  Shahram has begun the TIL Project, the Truth in Love Project, which exposes the true goal of Islam and the threat of Sharia in America.  He has served as a pastor and a police officer, and a former candidate for Governor in Washington State. 

Shahram began by saying Christians should be able to look to the signs of the times, understand what the times are telling us and what the Spirit is saying...that we are heading toward that time of a one world religion.

One of the signs is the belief today that the absolute truth of Christianity is considered sinful, racist, narrow-minded, unloving, un-christlike or that you're even a white supremacist. Some of these accusations even come from people within the church.

He noted how the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches have been promoting Marxist, socialist, globalist and now Islamic propaganda. He specifically cited the Minnesota Council of Churches who in the last year and a half have been encouraging churches and Christians to put up yard signs telling Muslims that they want to bless Ramadan. Ramadan is the time of month where Muhammad claims that the revelation of the Qur'an came, yet the Qur'an is a book that denies every major tenet of Christianity. So why would churches bless an ideology that denies the Christian faith? That's a divided house.

Replacement theology is growing at an alarming rate. That ideology perverts support for the nation of Israel. As Christians betray biblical Israel, confusion sets in concerning the ideology of Islam. For example, you see Christians become pro-Palestinian when we know there's never been a Palestinian homeland nor has there ever been a nation called Palestine.

Shahram, therefore, believes that Islam is part of God's judgment in the last days and those threats are coming from globalism, socialism, Marxism, and the push for one-world government. However, the push for one-world religion has to have Islam as the centerpiece. Why? It's because Islam makes up the second most populated group on earth (1.7 billion adherents).

Shahram went on to examine biblical evidence from Ezekiel 38 as well as Psalm 83, the latter of which communicates an enemy wiping out the nation of Israel so that their name is no longer remembered. That couldn't have happened before 1948 because there was no nation called 'Israel' between 586BC and 1948. Interestingly, if you look at the Hamas charter, not only does it say they want to wipe Israel off the planet and force them into the sea, they don't want that name ever remembered. In addition, every nation listed in Psalm 83 is today, an Islamic one.

Is this coincidental or are we seeing Bible prophecy play out in this scenario that appears to be moving us toward one-world religion?

Shahram has much more, not only during this hour of Crosstalk, but on the CD and DVD editions that can be ordered via the contact information below.


Guest: Anni Cyrus and Trevor Loudon. Topic: The ongoing attempt at a revolution in America is being met by a civil war in America. Few Americans realize that a form of a civil war has already started in America and that an ongoing attempt at a revolution has been going on for many, many years. Today Annie and Trevor speak to these issues. Topic: Annie is from Iran and explains how at one time Iran sought to mimic the American Constitution minus the Second Amendment which is what allowed the Islamic Revolution in the late 1970s to occur. Topic: Trevor talks about the known communists and KGB influenced policy makers that surrounded President Carter and how his policies allowed for the Iranian revolution. This again is another example of the red-green axis. Topic: We take your calls.

In this episode I discuss the following topics with Bill Salus.

The Ezekiel 38, “Gog of Magog” invasion,
The Pre-Tribulation Time-Gap Mystery,
Satanic Supernatural Deception, (Super-Signs and Lying-Wonders),
The Rise of the Antichrist, (The Lawless One),
The Revealing of Mystery Babylon, (The Harlot World Religion),
The Opening of the Seal Judgments, (The 4-Horsemen of the Apocalypse),
World Wars, Famines and Pestilences,
The Decline of Islam, (Allah loses his Akbar),
The False Covenant that triggers the Tribulation Period,
Christian Martyrdom, (The Fifth Seal Saints),
The Two Mysterious Witnesses of Revelation.

With the shooting in Pittsburgh at the Synagogue it seemed like a good idea to review how to survive an active shooter event.  In this show we will discuss the FBI's statistics for 2000-2017 and who things have changed in the past 17 years.  We are seeing substantially more shootings due to the growth in secularism and terrorism.  With the shootings in 2016-2017 alone there were 221 fatalities and 726 causualties.  This is far more than in past years.  It is becoming critical that you teach your family what to do in an active shooter event.  Please join us as we go through show 1 of 2 and discuss the facts and the findings along with providing you with the knowledge necessary to survive and active shooter event.


Chris discusses the recent stories about the discovery of human remains “on a Vatican-owned property” in Rome. The story has stirred up a revived interest in the case of Emanuela Orlandi, a teen girl who disappeared in June of 1983. It was later reported by the Vatican’s chief exorcist, Fr. Gabriel Amorth, that the girl had likely been kidnapped and murdered by a satanic cult with some association to the Vatican. A number of Catholic priests (including the late Malachi Martin) have claimed that satanic rituals have taken place at certain levels in the Vatican. Could this recent discovery lead to even more disturbing revelations?

This week on “Encounter God’s Truth,” we will learn how the Old Testament saint Job continued to give thanks and praise to God even though he had lost his children and his earthly possessions and was facing a serious decline in health.  Dr. John Whitcomb is teaching a special series for the Thanksgiving season. It comes from the book of Job and is entitled, “Thankful—In Spite of Trouble.” This week we learn to be “Thankful—For What God Allows.” Our teacher then receives a question from host Wayne Shepherd about whether Job was forced to leave his home because of his skin disease, and if he was compelled to live like a leper. God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end! May it guide us, following the example of Job, to give thanks even when our circumstances seem to oppose us.


There are different ways to get to totalitarian socialism but in the end it still results in socialism.  In this week's boralogue, John looks at the extremes of both the Left and the Right and their potential paths to bondage and slavery.  Freedom and capitalism are both at the gate to these paths and it's imperative that we stay there.  We must stay vigilant and always fight for our freedoms. 


Anti-semitism is back in the news after the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago.  Writer on politics and philosophy Paul Austin Murphy (, discusses the formation of leftist anti-Semitism in Europe and the unlikely union between leftists and hardcore Islamists.  


The midterms are over but why is that no matter who we vote into Congress, nothing ever seems to change?  Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives Tom Tancredo joins us to explain how things really work in Congress and how immigration was on the mind of the voters as they made their selections this week.


Finally we welcome Andrea Picciotti-Bayer (, Legal Advisor for The Catholic Association, who relates the case of a Catholic diocese in Philadelphia that has been denied their ability to refer children for foster care because of their stance on same sex couples.  It's a battle over ideology but the children are the ones left out.


John’s quote of the week:    

"The real danger threatening us is the progressive socialism that has completely riddled through the Democrat party, taking many liberals with it, and also through a large part of the Republican party.  There is a fight over the Constitution in which we can stay centered in freedom."


Follow us on Twitter @steelonsteelpro as well as the Steel on Steel Facebook page and remember to join Praying for Persecuted Christians for the latest information concerning persecuted Christians around the world. Don’t forget to stop by our YouTube channel as well for our latest videos.


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Follow us on Twitter @steelonsteelpro as well as the Steel on Steel Facebook page and remember to join Praying for Persecuted Christians for the latest information concerning persecuted Christians around the world. Don’t forget to stop by our YouTube channel as well for our latest videos.

Weekly on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has a conversation, at the Broadcast Table, with Dave James on an issue that the Church needs to have a Biblical understanding of in order that they can walk closer to the Lord, daily. This  week Jimmy and Dave will discuss the new phenomenon in sexuality, the "transgender lifestyle". Dave will use the Bible in the discussion, and in particular the resurrection of Jesus Christ to debunk the possibility of "transgender" being anything more than a "chosen lifestyle", and for sure transgender has nothing to do with a person being born that way, sexually.