June 26, 2015 will go down in history as a monumental event. The Supreme Court of the United States of America voted to allow couples of the same sex to get “married”. Men are now able to “marry” men; women are now able to “marry” women. The decision for our country was decided by two men and three women. The ruling is shocking and grieving and we as kingdom citizens are asking many questions, one being, “How did we get here in our culture?” Some of us will answer that question by acknowledging that God is Sovereign and He has a plan beyond our understanding. Even though this is a true answer, will we as reformed believers use that as a cloak for our lackadaisical Christianity? Have we failed in being salt and light in a world that is filled with darkness and becoming more evil? We as Christians are in the world even though we are not to be of the world but we are failing to make an impact on our world. Christ left us here to go and make disciples and to be His representatives, and we do that in two ways according to the text in Matthew 5:13-16, that is by being salt and light. In this lesson we will consider the Christian's two fold impact on the world along with our failure to impact the world and its result along with our faithfulness to impact the world and its result.

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