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Ozarks Family Reunion 2018
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Shahram Hadian: September 7, 2017

 Truth In Love Radio Show 3: 09/07/17 "#Christsupremacy Part 3"

We continue to see racial divide and race baiting in our culture including from many in "Evangelical" circles. We witness words like "racist" and "white privilege," or "white guilt" easily thrown around. We see groups like Black Lives Matters elevated while our national historic monuments are being torn down. Our nation is so divided and being intentionally broken apart. 

The worst of it all is when Christians start buying into this narrative. After the Charlottesville unrest, I saw Christians and Christian leaders denouncing "white supremacy," but not denouncing all color supremacy. As a pastor, I denounce any color supremacy. I denounce "black supremacy (like the marxist, communist Black Lives Matters, and their ungodly associates the Muslim Brotherhood and Antifa). I denounce "white supremacy" (like the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, etc.).

As Bible believing Christ followers, we should believe in and declare only one kind of supremacy. It is #Christsupremacy!! We will examine what the Bible has to say about these issues and look at what role the church can play in bringing Biblical healing to our nation. 

When Christ is supreme in our lives, we should not get sucked in by the lie that skin color matters but we should live for the truth that what matters is the character and fruit of a person we are dealing with. 

I call for the repentance of every professing Christian who is playing the unbiblical game of race baiting. 

Help us get this message out and make #Christsupremacy go viral. Please share this description on your social media and by email with all you know. #Christsupremacy!

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Shahram Hadian

A Christian pastor and former Muslim, Shahram Hadian travels around the nation speaking on critical issues facing us as Americans.

Shahram was born in Iran in 1971. His father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, and his mom was an elementary school teacher.

Shahram’s parents had a sense of urgency to leave Iran as soon as possible and in December of 1978, with nothing but their suitcases, moved to America to seek freedom.

Shahram experienced a transformational life change 15 years ago when he committed his life to Jesus Christ.

When he became a Christian, he immediately faced persecution and disapproval from his family and culture. According to the teachings of Islam, his conversion means that he is an “apostate” and deserves to be killed.

In spite of this opposition, Shahram persevered, enrolled in Bible College, and has been a Christian pastor for the last ten years. He graduated from Puget Sound Christian College with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry.