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Sam Rohrer: July 24, 2018

What in The World Is Going On? We are joined by Tom Littleton (pastor, author). Jeremy Samek (Senior Counsel, Independence Law Center). Topics discussed include: What is REVOICE? Is there a “Deep State” within evangelicalism? Why do people want to continue to claim the label of a sinful practice yet believe that God accepts it and Christians should do the same? Bible Study Banned: Family Ordered to Stop Hosting Religious Activities. 

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Sam Rohrer

As a minister of God in government, Sam developed empathy for the similar challenges faced by pastors in the pulpit.  In June of 2012, Sam was chosen to lead the Pennsylvania Pastors Network. Uniting his experience in public policy and his love for pastors, he encourages pastors to boldly preach Biblical Truth, especially on issues affecting our current society.  In July of 2013, the inception of the American Pastors Network has enabled the creation of new state chapters and a nationwide voice for Truth into the public square. Sam now serves as President of both Pennsylvania and American Pastors Networks.