Peter Pry: September 7, 2021


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Dr. Pry makes the case that Afghanistan is NOT Joe Biden’s first or most important national security and foreign policy crisis and failure.  The Biden Administration’s impotent response to Russia’s cyber-attack on Colonial Pipeline, that supplies half the petroleum products to the eastern U.S.—and to east coast military bases that would project U.S. power to defend NATO—was far more threatening to U.S. and allied national security than Afghanistan.  Biden’s cancellation of President Trump’s Executive Order to stop U.S. importation from China of transformers, SCADAS, and other equipment critical to the electric grid is another national security blunder more important than Afghanistan.  Hurricane Ida and its thousands of victims, over 400,000 Americans still suffering from no electric power, the blackout projected to last until the end of September or beyond, is evidence that the Biden Administration is failing to protect the electric grid from threats more serious than hurricanes, like EMP and Cyber Warfare.   

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