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Justin Peters: March 7, 2017

Interview with Costi Hinn part 9 March 7, 2017
Today we conclude our time with Costi Hinn and he talks to us about what has probably been on your mind all along, "What is it like for him with his family now?" Such a dramatic break from his family's theology and practice is bound to have created conflict within his family. it has. Though division in our families is never easy, fidelity to the true Gospel does at times require it - or, better said, creates it. In this program you will hear Costi tell us a bit about this and we will talk about who Jesus says our true family members are.

Justin Peters

Justin teaches seminars, speaks at Bible conferences across the United States and internationally.  The seminar for which he is most known is entitled "Clouds Without Water: A Biblical Critique of the Word-Faith Movement."