Dr. Randy White: November 19, 2013

How God Judges Those without Christ | Part 2 Last time, Dr. White began sharing SIX STANDARDS OF JUDGMENT for how God judges those who are without Christ. First, we who judge others also commit the things we are condemning, so we are without excuse. We are hypocrites for setting a standard we ourselves cannot live up to. Next, we heard that the judgment of God is according to TRUTH; it brings out the facts of the case and it points out our foolish logic that so easily rationalizes our thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and lifestyle as “not so bad.” Thirdly, we are judged by the “treasure of our wrath.” It stored up against us by our disregard for God’s son Jesus, and payday–the Day of Wrath–is coming. Let’s return to this message about our position, our standing with God, with the knowledge that you and I will never measure up to the perfection of God’s holiness. And after we die, there will be a review of our life and a judgment. But while we live we are privileged to have “time” to think about these things, and then to choose: to be judged on our own merits, or on the substituted merits of Jesus Christ, our sinless resurrected Savior.

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