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David Farnell: July 27, 2015

After a brief break from the program due to a heavy work load Dr. Farnell is back for another episode of the danger Zone. Today Dr. Farnell speaks on the great wave that is pervasive in evangelicalism in its assault on the Word of God. How is this assault unfolding and how should we respond? How is postmodern history taking captive the mind of seminary students and thus those sitting in the pews. One of the lies of postmodernism within evangelical academics is that a Christian cannot know what is actually true. What does First John say about this lie?

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David Farnell

Dr. Farnell is the host of The Danger Zone on WVW-Radio Network that can be heard at

Dr. Farnell came to The Master's Seminary in 1997 from Southeastern Bible College, in Birmingham, Alabama, where he chaired the Department of Pastoral Theology and Biblical Studies from 1991-1994. In addition, he served as Academic Dean at Southeastern from 1994-1997. During this time in Alabama, he also concurrently pastored Brook Highland Community Church.

Earlier, while completing his Master's degrees, Dr. Farnell served as a teaching assistant in the areas of New Testament and Bible Exposition at Talbot Theological Seminary. He has also functioned as registrar and instructor of Biblical studies at a small Christian college in San Diego, California.

Dr. Farnell has pastored several churches and published extensively in books and periodicals.  His most recent work is The Jesus Quest The Danger from Within, co-edited with the world-renowned apologist, Dr. Norman L. Geisler.  Dr. Farnell has also written "The Independence View of Gospel Origins" in Three Views on the Origins of the Synoptic Gospels (Kregel, 2002) and The Jesus Crisis (Kregel, 1998) that he co-edited and to which he contributed several articles.  He continues an emphasis on historical-critical ideologies with on-going research into recent interpretive trends in Gospel research. 

He currently pastors Grace Bible Church in Ventura County, CA.