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Crosstalk: October 21, 2016

Last evening's presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, held the fourth largest audience of any such debate, although not included were estimates for PBS and some smaller cable networks along with those watching via Internet streaming.


In case you missed the debate, Jim presented some recap information from various sources which included some of the questions and topics along with answers from the candidates. Questions/topics included:


--Supreme Court appointments and interpretation of the Constitution--Did the founders mean what they said about the Constitution or is it a 'living document'?

--Trump was asked if he'd like to see the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade. Clinton was asked why she voted against a ban on partial birth abortion.

--Both candidates stated their positions on immigration and the economy.

--Trump's alleged past groping and kissing of women without their consent.

--Agitators who are allegedly from the Clinton camp causing violence at Trump events.

--Clinton was asked that at the time of her Senate confirmation she promised no conflict of interest with the Clinton Foundation but donors had special access. Did she keep her pledge?

--Both candidates also commented on the national debt.

Jim also noted a report indicating that news organizations have devoted minimal or no coverage to the revelations contained in an FBI report on Clinton's e-mail scandal. There's also the Project Veritas undercover videos that reveal a democrat operative bragging that his party has been rigging elections for 50 years and admitting that his agents and cohorts are purposely starting anarchy by creating conflict engagement in lines at Trump events.

Another video reveals Robert Creamer, a consultant with close ties to the Clinton campaign, discussing methods of committing large-scale voter fraud. He has reportedly visited the White House 342 times, including meetings in the Oval Office and the family residence of the Obama's.

Perhaps the biggest story from this debate surrounds Trump's refusal to say that he will accept the election results now but instead will look at it at that time. The major media seems outraged by this with Clinton calling his response, 'horrifying'. She believes that as a nation with free and fair elections, we accept the outcomes even when we don't like them. As Jim noted, that wasn't the case with Al Gore when he was running against George Bush. Jim highlighted this point by playing audio of Al Gore, as well as audio from former President Jimmy Carter, who in an interview in 2014, insisted that Bush didn't win the presidency.

There's much more, including comments from callers, when you review this election edition of Crosstalk.

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