Crosstalk: March 16, 2015

Jim Schneider used this hour to share vital information from various news sources. Stories included: --At least 3 of Hillary Clinton's top aides including one with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood allegedly used e-mails hosted on Clinton's private server while Clinton was the Secretary of State. --Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson allegedly used a pseudonym while carrying on official responsibilities without proper oversight and accountability. --U.S. Office of Special Counsel is investigating the claims of a 'whistle blower' who has revealed the use of a secret appointment wait list at the Shreveport V.A. Hospital including 37 veterans who died waiting for care. --A California school has now become America's first accredited Muslim college. --Islamic State of Iraq wants to blow up the White House, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. --Sunni Saudi Arabia showing support for a possible international agreement preventing Tehran from manufacturing nuclear weapons. --3 days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address before the U.S. Congress, National Security Advisor Susan Rice named as head of her Mideast desk an official who has brought about controversy with past criticisms of Israel and by meeting with Hamas terrorists. --State Department Spokesperson Jan Paski fails to directly answer when asked if the administration is pursuing a non-binding nuclear agreement with Iran in order to side-step the Senate's advise and consent requirement. --Muslim threatens Jewish congregants at Miami synagogue. --Saudi Arabia increasing the number of beheadings to send a message to ISIS terrorists. --Saudi man facing death for ripping up the Qur'an and renouncing Islam. --Sharia enforcement taking place at the University of New Mexico. --ATF 'stands down' on unconstitutional ban on some ammunition. --New York Times crops out the Bush's in photo of Selma anniversary march. --European Union needs its own army as an international force for persuasion of Russia. --Greek Defense Minister is warning Europe that if there is no bailout forthcoming due to their economic crisis, they will flood Europe with migrants and jihadists. --Turkey, a NATO member, rolls out the red carpet for Hamas. --New video shows a child killing an Israeli Arab who confesses to be a spy. --A U.S. District Judge tells federal authorities to come to his courtroom in Texas to explain why someone issued 3 year deportation exemptions and work authorizations to 100,000 people before the program was scheduled to begin. --The White House Press Secretary confirms President Obama is very interested in the possibility of raising taxes through unilateral executive action. --Obama family Christmas vacation costs taxpayers over 3.6 million dollars in transportation costs alone. --Secretary of State John Kerry told congressional members that we have the capacity to knock out ISIL but we won't get 'snookered' into doing that. --John Kerry counters an anti-war protestor's claim that the U.S. would kill innocent people during another endless war. --NAACP battling Latino groups over the push to open public schools for non-English speakers. --A group of university professors have signed a letter showing their solidarity with students who tried to ban the American flag at the University of California in Irvine. --Members of the Republican Party are upset with the ATF over proposed bullet ban. --A Planned Parenthood supporter yells out support for Satan while being escorted out of a city meeting by police. --EPA administrator says that climate change puts the world's coffee growing regions at risk. --The social media website known as 'Reddit' sends huge donation to Planned Parenthood, NPR, Doctors Without Borders and the Freedom From Religion Foundation. --The CIA helped the Justice Department develop technology used to access data from thousands of cell phones at once. --The U.S. is seeing a steady rise in children born to unmarried, cohabiting couples. --3 senators introduce a bill to federalize the legal use of medical marijuana. --Contractor tells pastor he has agreed to build a Planned Parenthood facility because of money but if his pastor gives him $20,000, he'd tear up the contract. --The Social Security Administration has 6.5 million S.S. numbers for people 112 years old or older on file allowing for thousands of instances of potential fraud or identity theft. --Kansas Unborn Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act (SB95) passed out of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee this week. --Glenn Beck has declared Ben Carson a lunatic because Carson called homosexuality a choice. --America's largest Presbyterian denomination is only 7 votes away from officially redefining marriage to include homosexual unions. --2 legal non-profit groups filed a class-action lawsuit against the Social Security Administration for its treatment of married, same-sex couples. --A state bill that would restrict access to restrooms for people who may not appear to fit the gender of the facility advanced through a Florida House subcommittee this week. --Nancy Brinker of Susan G. Koman is now an advocate for gender equality. --A major league baseball player is told by the Mets to keep his religious views on homosexuality to himself. --New blinding cases of ocular syphilis showing up on the West Coast.

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